Campfires: What is wisdom in an urban environment?

DiscussionExhibitionWorkshopOnline eventArchitectureUrban planning
When Fri 10.09.2021 - Sat 11.09.2021
Time From 6pm to 8pm
Where Kalasatama: Kalasatamanpuiston grillipaikka / Meri-Rastila: Rastilan grillikatos, 00500, Helsinki
Accessible Yes
Language Finnish

Smart is an often used word in the context of smart cities concept, but a different kind of wisdom may be known by the residents. A wisdom that can be reached through dialogue.

At Campfire events, we gather around a common campfire and dinner to discuss the wisdom of each neighborhood from a resident’s perspective. Can wisdom and better understanding of the residential areas be found alongside food and debate to support the work of urban planners?

We welcome you, resident of Meri-Rastila or Kalasatama, to join us on campfires!

Register to the event by Thursday September 9th via

The conversations will be held in Finnish.

Tapahtuman järjestävät Moona Tikka ja FEMMA Planning

Moona Tikka is a service designer and producer working with arts and design in urban environments. She is currently doing a Master's degree in Urban Studies and Planning.

FEMMA Planning is an agency specializing in inclusive and participatory urban planning. FEMMA focuses on participatory methods and tactical urbanism as a way of enabling residents to shape their own urban surroundings.