Antrei Hartikainen - FRAGILE

ExhibitionShoppingIndustrial design and productsDesign thinkingInterior
When Thu 09.09.2021 - Sat 18.09.2021
Time Exhibition is open from 9th of September to 2nd of October within LOKAL gallery opening hours 12-18.
Where LOKAL galleria, Annankatu 9, 00120, Helsinki
Accessible Yes
Language Finnish / English

Antrei Hartikainen’s exhibition FRAGILE is themed around the fragility of man and nature – reflected in wood, glass and their various manufacturing processes. The vulnerability, fragility and beauty of nature, as well as the human mind and body, are present in the layers of the exhibition pieces. The tension between the works arises in the contrast of gloomy and light surfaces, and the dialogue between the characteristics of glass and wood as materials.

The materials taken to their extremes balance between delicate beauty and unstable weakness. These create a surprising and cohesive whole, consisting of furniture, products and sculptures.

”In many ways, my working is material-based, and because of my background, wood in its various forms is often the most natural choice of material. When I start working a new material, I think a lot about what I have to give, and from what direction I approach the material and technique so that I may bring some new perspective to a continuation of rich tradition.

The working of glass is surprising and very fascinating in that respect. The process, as well as glass as a physical material, is very delicate and challenging, demanding tolerance of uncertainty through the various manufacturing steps. The surprise element in material behavior also requires constant readiness for change.”

Antrei Hartikainen