HANG IN THERE (UNTIL GET WORN) – statement jewellery and wearable wall objects

ExhibitionIndustrial design and products
When Thu 09.09.2021 - Sun 19.09.2021
Time Mon-Fri 11-18
Sat-Sun 11-16
Where Eerikinkatu 18, 00100, Helsinki
Accessible Yes
Language Finnish / English

What is statement jewellery? During the pandemic it has been important to find new ways of thinking and doing differently. In the exhibition two jewellery designers make their statements and show a more artistic approach to adornment.

Elli Hukka, the owner of the Paja jewelry studio, will turn part of her working space as a large, welcoming textile installation. As the visitor enters the space the jewelry studio transforms into an adornment itself – entwining the visitor and the surroundings. Besides the installation Elli will hang some of her fresh silver statement pieces on display.

In Tytti Lindström’s work the usual design process has been turned the other way around – the starting point was to build wall pieces that are also suitable for wearing as jewellery. The multifunctional statement pieces shown in the exhibition are made of metals and porcelain clay combined with leftover materials such as wood.

Elli Hukka & Tytti Lindström

Elli Hukka and Tytti Lindström are Helsinki based jewellery designers who work mainly with precious metals combined to various materials. Elli's working methods are sketch-like and her goal is not just to decorate places or people but to make a connection and bond between place and the object – wearer and the piece of jewelry. Tytti's works are characterised by their abstract form, multi-functionality and fabriclike, moving structures in metal.