Kalevala Experience - see how Kalevala jewelry is made

WalkIndustrial design and products
When Thu 08.09.2022 - Fri 09.09.2022
Where Hankasuontie 11 A, 00390, Helsinki
Tickets Registered only. The registration link is in the description.
Accessible No
Language Finnish / English

Do you know how Kalevala jewelry is made? If not, now you have a chance to see how precious metals take shape in the skilled hands of experienced goldsmiths at Kalevala jewelry factory. You may be surprised to see how many steps it takes to turn the designer’s vision into a finished piece of jewelry, and how much traditional handiwork – even today – is still involved in the manufacturing process. Part of the Helsinki Design Week program Kalevala Koru, the largest Finnish jewelry manufacturer, gives guided tours to its factory premises in Konala, Helsinki September 7-9. The tours are free of charge and include a bus transport from Kiasma and back. When visiting the factory you can also discover rare Kalevala pieces at the Kalevala Outlet & Experience Store.

Helsinki Design Week factory tours are full.


Thursday 8th September and Friday 9th September.

Thursday and Friday tours are open to everyone interested in jewelry design. Kindly note that visitors are required to wear a face mask at our factory premises. Face masks are available upon arrival.

Thursday 8th.

Tour 1 – In English

Klo 10.30 Bus leaves from Kiasma
Klo 11.00 Tour starts
Klo 12.00 Bus back to Kiasma leaves
Klo 12.30 Bus arrives at Kiasma

Kierros 2 – In Finnish

Klo 12.45 Lähtö Kiasmalta
Klo 13.15 Kierros alkaa Konalassa
Klo 14.15 Bussi lähtee takaisin
Klo 14.45 Bussi Kiasmalla

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Friday 9th

Kierros 1 – In Finnish

Klo 9.00 Bussin lähtee Kiasmalta
Klo 9.30 Kierros alkaa
Klo 10.30 Bussi lähtee takaisin
Klo 11.00 Bussi Kiasmalla

Tour 2 – In English

Klo 11.15 Bus leaves from Kiasma
Klo 11.45 Tour starts
Klo 12.45 Bus leaves to Kiasma
Klo 13.15 Bus arrives at Kiasma

Kierros 3 – In Finnish

Klo 13.30 Bussi lähtee Kiasmalta
Klo 14.00 Kierros alkaa
Klo 15.00 Bussi lähtee takaisin
Klo 15.30 Bussi Kiasmalla

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