Nature Gallery

ExhibitionArchitectureDesign thinkingDesign education
When Fri 09.09.2022 - Sun 11.09.2022
Time Fri 9.9. from 12pm until 9pm.
Sat 10.9. from 11am until 9pm.
Sun 11.9. from 12pm until 6pm.
Where Pikku-Finlandia, Karamzininranta 4, 00100, Helsinki
Accessible Yes
Language Finnish / Swedish / English

Nature Gallery is an installation consisting of plants and other natural products collected from nearby nature. The installation is built between two pillars creating a gallery-like wall that allows the viewer to see the treasures of nature up close.


Anni Valkola is a designer specializing in sustainability. She wants to create experiences that offer new perspectives on humanity and the world around us. Nature, people, different spaces and events serve as a source of inspiration for projects that move between art and design.