NEO NEOLITHIC: 21st Century Studies On Stone

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Milloin pe 08.09.2023
Aika 17-19
Missä Embassy of Switzerland in Finland, Kalliolinnantie 16 A 2 a, 00140, Helsinki
Esteetön Ei
Kieli Englanti

Concept: Florencia Colombo
Designers: Ville Kokkonen and Moritz Schmid

Throughout history, cultural shifts have been tied to materials used. Neolithic era marked key societal advances via agriculture and tech, shaped by local and global values. Stone, dating back 2.5 million years, played a pivotal role. Today, technology defines us. Amid ecological challenges, NEO NEOLITHIC rethinks materials. Rooted in Swiss-Finnish geology, it explores stone’s modern potential for innovation and thought. Experience this through talks and a small exhibition at the Kick-Off event in the Swiss Embassy in Finland.

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