PechaKucha Night at Aalto

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Milloin ke 06.09.2023
Aika klo 18-20
Missä Otakaari 1, Aalto-yliopisto, Kandidaattikeskus / Undergraduate Centre, B-Sali, 02150 , Espoo
Esteetön Kyllä
Kieli Englanti

PechaKucha Night järjestetään tänäkin vuonna yhteistyössä Helsinki Design Weekin läheisen yhteistyökumppanin, Aalto-yliopiston kanssa.

Jo perinteeksi muodostuneessa Designs for a Cooler Planet -näyttelyn avajaisjuhlan osana kuullaan yllätyksellisiä puheenvuoroja kymmeneltä huippusuunnittelijalta- ja ajattelijalta. Alvar Aallon suunnittelemassa Aalto-yliopiston Kandidaattikeskuksessa Otaniemessä. Esiintyjät: Ganoo Apurva, Astrid Huopalainen, Kirsi Niinimäki, Sofia Guridi, Kasper Strömman, Jukka Tuhkuri, Jani Pösö, Kristoffer Ala-Ketola, Heini Merkkiniemi ja Isa Kukkapuro. Esitysten kieli on englanti.

Ganoo Apurva is a curious mind dedicated to uncovering the foundations of entrepreneurial education, identifying innovative business models, and supporting the growth of startups. With a passion for innovation practices and grassroots projects, Ganoo thrives on transforming breakthrough ideas into reality. Beyond academia, Ganoo enjoys indulging in various sports, collaborating on team-oriented projects, and immersing in music, podcasts, and gaming.
Sofia Guridi is a designer specialized in the intersection of textiles, electronics and biomaterials for creating interactive surfaces. Combining traditional knowledge with material experimentation, her experience ranges from applied research to artistic installations. She is currently part of the Fashion/Textiles Futures research group and the Bioinnovation Center at Aalto University, where she is pursuing her PhD on Sustainable Smart Textiles.
Astrid Huopalainen is an Assistant Professor in 'Leadership for Creativity' at Aalto University. Her research focuses on creative labour in the postindustrial era, gender- and diversity-related inequalities in organizations, and 'more-than-human' organizing. She is also the Principal Investigator of Academy of Finland-funded consortium project PAWWS – People and Animal Wellbeing at work and in Society.
Kirsi Niinimäki is a leading scholar in the field of sustainable fashion. She is an Associate Professor in Aalto university where she leads a research group Fashion/Textile FUTURES. The research done in this group integrate closed loop, bio-economy and circular economy approaches in fashion and textile systems and extends the understanding of strategic sustainable design.
Kasper Strömman is a Finnish design expert whose forte has always been showing pretty pictures and talking about them. He was elected graphic Designer of the Year in 2013. During his highly interesting PechaKucha Night perforance Kasper will be diving into the world of design in an online consumer-to-consumer context.
Jukka Tuhkuri is a professor at the Aalto School of Engineering and carries out research on ice mechanics and arctic marine technology. He is currently enthusiastic about the changes that are happening in sea ice due to global warming. Jukka Tuhkuri is conducting experimental ice research in Otaniemi, London, the Arctic, and the Antarctic.
Jani Pösö is the CEO of It’s Alive Films and works as a producer and screenwriter. He's produced 7 movies and 3 TV series that have received international acclaim. He started with a theater play in 1996, followed by a short film in 2006, his first full-length film in 2011, and his first book in 2018. Jani is also behind the TV format "Mental" for It’s Alive Films. He's been involved in music, theater, events, and co-founded two advertising agencies, overseeing a fashion brand.
Kristoffer Ala-Ketola is a multidisciplinary artist who graduated from Yale School of Art in 2019. His works have been exhibited in 4th Ward Project Space in Chicago, Shin Gallery in New York, and Kunsthalle Helsinki. His work engages in various psychological phenomena, structures of identity, and queer theory. 
Heini Merkkiniemi is the director Outsider Art Festival OAF. OAF is produced by Pertti's Choice (Pertin Valinta) outsider art agency and production house. OAF X HDW 2023 collaboration promotes diversity, inclusion and equality by exhibiting new paths to the creative industry.