HIAP design residency 2018: Open call for applications for Finland-based practitioners


The Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP) is seeking research proposals for participation in the 2018 design residency programme in Helsinki. The programme is open to practitioners and researchers at the intersections of design, architecture and art who have interest in critically investigating design practice and innovation. The programme is produced in partnership with the British Council, Helsinki Design Week and Aalto University, and curated by HIAP associate curators Martin Born and Rosa Tolnov Clausen.

For the first time in 2018, the design residency programme will also offer the opportunity for local practitioners to take part in the thematically framed research/work process. This open call is for two local practitioners to be included alongside the UK-based practitioner (invited in collaboration with the British Council).


The 2018 design residency programme invites practitioners to explore aspects of proximity and distance that have become prominent research parameters in recent creative practice. From modes of working that are arranged in close contact to material and human actors to digital propositions that suggest other, spatially distributed forms of cooperation, the makeup of design is being challenged in its disciplinary, spatial and social complexion. The influences of tools on creative perspectives, the potential re-setting of the notion of “critical distance” in collaborative processes and the location of the contemporary object between the hand-made unique, the industrial serial and the digitally materialised are only some of the impacts worth exploring toward a view of the contemporary possibilities, boundaries and shapes of the practice of design.

Programme and structure

The 2018 design residency programme comprises two working periods in Helsinki: a two-week research phase in May 2018, and a production and presentation phase of one month in the fall that will overlap with Helsinki Design Week (6–16 September 2018).

Selected practitioners in this programme will have the opportunity to expand their professional network in Finland and abroad, receive field advice and curatorial mentoring from HIAP, the British Council and Helsinki Design Week, and exchange within a structured agenda of meetings with the international group of designers and artists-in-residence at HIAP. Works-in-progress and the outcomes of their research will be publicly exhibited and discussed in presentations held in May, and in September 2018 as part of Helsinki Design Week 2018.

How to apply

Detailed information about this programme can be found on HIAP’s website at https://hiap.fi/opencall/design-residency-2018.

Applications can be submitted via the online form linked to in the programme description. The application deadline is Sunday, April 8, 23:59 EET.

HIAP’s Residency Programme Manager, Saara Karhunen, is available at saara@hiap.fi to answer further questions.