It would be impossible to make Helsinki Design Week, the largest design and architecture festival in the Nordic countries, happen without the support of partners. Collaboration enables a versatile stakeholder network to participate in the festival around the city.

Partnerships always involve high quality contents, not mere “brand name dropping”. The partners of this prestigious festival get to participate in marketing and communications organically to reach the general public, professionals in the creative fields and extensive networks in Finland and internationally.

Helsinki Design Week 5–15 September 2024

HDW’s diverse programme consists of B2C and B2B events, sales events, mass events, exclusive encounters and themed events for families with children.

HDW services include curation, production and communications customized and implemented to match the wishes and needs of our partners. HDW partnership may cover the entire festival or an individual event. The “theme trilogy” started in 2023 encourages long-term partnerships.

Helsinki Design Weekly around the year

Effective year-round communication helps reach the right audiences, deepen visitor experience at events and extend the life cycle of cooperation. Communication channels give both visitors and partners the opportunity to make an impact, participate in conversations and network more effectively – before and after the event. The Weekly communication facilitates the collaboration that is culminated and concretized during the festival.

Partnership categories 2024

Main partner

The top tier partnerships have been earmarked for communities and companies who effectively – financially or resource-wise – participate in the planning and making of Helsinki Design Week. Helsinki Design Week involves 1–3 main partners per year.

Programme partner

Programme partner is the second most valuable partnership level, at which the partners participate in Helsinki Design Week by enabling diverse content production.

Event partner

Event partners are communities or companies who enable the success of an individual event.

Organizing partner

Universities, professional associations and other non-profit organizations in the fields of design participate in the programme of Helsinki Design Week by producing companion events.


Helsinki Design Week and many of its projects depend upon institutional supporters, such as the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

Media partner

Helsinki Design Week’s interesting programme deserves wide circulation achieved by selected media partners. Media partners win new readers, viewers and followers in HDW’s networks.

Production partner

Helsinki Design Week selects responsible top professionals from various fields to organize exhibitions and other events.

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