My Weekly Pics #10: Anni Korkman

My Weekly Pics is a peek into the visual diaries of designers and design professionals. Helsinki Design Week's producer Anni Korkman had a chance to visit four countries in 1,5 weeks.

My Weekly Pics is a peek into the visual diaries of designers and design professionals. Helsinki Design Week’s producer Anni Korkman visited four countries in 1,5 weeks.


“As well as working for Helsinki Design Week I’m also doing a Master’s degree in Innovation Management in Central Saint Martins in London. The university building is massive and located in King’s Cross, an area that is constantly under construction. Lots of things happening in the corridors as well: fashion shoots, prototype testing, drama students’ dance rehearsals and even spray painting. The artist behind this mache sculpture is unknown.”



“The notes had images of faces printed on them. Someone was dropping them down from the top floor whilst I was getting ready for the final presentations with my group. In our work we focused on looking into the changes in energy consumption during the times of uncertainty as well as managing risk and failure.”



“Best thing to do on a weekend morning in London is going to a market. Chatsworth Road Market has the most interesting little interior shops and of course cafés and pubs. This one is called London Borough of Jam. From here you can buy rosemary cordial, cardamom rhubarb jam, handmade baskets, cedar wood incense and jelly donuts among other essentials.”



“Then it was time to go to Helsinki for a couple of days. My family has a hungarian viszla called Ansa. She is 2 years old and crazy and lovely. She loves spending the afternoon on the beach of Suomenlinna. So do I.”



“On the next day I flew to Vilnius to reunite with the people of innovation programme Baltic Lab. We are forty young people working in the creative industries in the Baltic Region and together we aim to add positive impact in people’s lifes. But we need an occasional break for checking social media.”



“After Vilnius it was time to spend the Easter with my family. On Wednesday I took the ferry to Tallinn since I was given the opportunity to explore the Tallinn Music Week festival. Our Airbnb had a really nice location in the Old Town.”



“Before going to the festival opening we decided to book a private tour in the old prison Patarei. This was a really interesting experience that I warmly recommend. I also recommend woollen socks when going in March. It feels pretty unreal to think that it still was a fully functioning prison in 2002. Today there is parties and art performances organised in the area during the summer time.”



The Tallin days were spent in seminars and nights were spent dancing.

On Friday morning I headed to Theatre No99 to ”Creativity fo Change” seminar. The themes included empathy, equality, diversity, sustainable prosperity as well as transparency and were discussed by speakers from thirty different countries.

One of the other main venues of the festival was Kulttuurikatel where Flow Festival was also hosting a party.

Kulttuurikatel was also the venue for Design Market. After producing Helsinki Design Week’s Design Market for so many years it was very interesting to be the visitor for once! It was also very nice to meet old and new friends and explore the energetic atmosphere by the Estonian Design Centre.

The dates of Helsinki’s Design Market are 3-4 of September, more information can be found here.



“On my last night in Tallinn I had the honour to take part in the multitalented artist Marit Ilison’s and the chef Janno Lepik’s dinner at the Umami. It was such an atmospheric and intimate restaurant, recently redecorated by Ilison. We were served delicious portions inspired by the local artists’ paintings hanging on the walls. Marit Ilison’s coat collection is called Longing for Sleep. The beautiful pieces are made of vintage Soviet wool blankets.”



“When our Helsinki office at the Old Customs and Warehouse is too far away, but I miss the noise of other people’s typing, I cycle to a local cafe or a shared open office space. There is quite a few of those in East London. I took this photo whilst processing the applications of Design Market’s vendors and writing an essay on the importance of empathic design when developing a service. The place is called Second Home and it’s located in Shoreditch. They have hosted Creative Mornings events that are also being organised in the Design Museum in Helsinki.”


“I found this orange creature from Hackney Flea Market. He became friends with the mini owl from New York. The people of Hackney Flea Market arrange themed market events around the city, this one was from a ceramics event in Dalston.”


“Every once in a while this guerrilla garden appears in our nearby overground station. Every time it makes me happy by breaking rules and making people of the community use their spaces in unexpected ways.”


“The last photo is from Hoxton Gallery’s Construct the Future –exhibition. Students from the Royal College of Arts presented this great ”Refugee Wearable Shelter” that really amazed us by being a part of this interesting exhibition that was looking for new perspectives and transforming existing structures to provide new living alternatives. The organizers had found inspiration in author and activist Jane Jacobs words: “Designing a dream city is easy; rebuilding a living one takes imagination”.”