Vuoden Huiput: Junior of the Year is for the first time a group

The Best of Finnish Advertising and Design competition's prizes have been awarded. Junior of the Year is GRMMXI, a group of young designers.

The Best of Finnish Advertising and Design prizes have been rewarded. Junior of the Year is GRMMXI, a group of young designers.

The best work of Finnish advertising and design in 2015 have been awarded in Vuoden Huiput (Best of the Year) gala on Thursday evening.

The Junior of the Year prize was awarded for the first time to a group instead an individual. The winner is GRMMXI, a group of young designers who started studying graphic design at Aalto University in 2011. The name “GRMMXI” comes from graphic design and 2011.

“Seldom, if ever, has a graphic design class so genuinely become attached to one another and played as a team. Or what does it tell when people take GRMMXI tattoos on their arms for a typography assignment?”, their professor Saku Heinänen and lecturer Arja Karhumaa say.

“Graphic design’s enfant terrible, GRMMXI, spits out a protest for design education talk and reveals the irksome fixations in graphic design. These ironic anti-heroes are ready to commit patricide whilst simultaneously also dodging simple statements”, Heinänen and Karhumaa decribe.

GRMMXI also received the Golden Award for Baltic Circle’s Visual identity.

In the competition, works competed in 18 categories covering a wide selection of advertising and design. The purpose of the awards is to select the very best works among all those submitted, which are exceptional in creativity when it comes to content, realisation, and design. Grafia is an association of visual communication designers in Finland.

Grand Prix for #joulurauhaa

The main prize Grand Prix, was awarded to HOK-Elanto’s #joulurauhaa (“Christmas Peace”) campaign directed by Aleksi Salmenperä. In the film, an multicultural choir together withIkenna Ikegwuono sings Eppu Normaali’s song Murheellisten laulujen maa a(Land of Sad Songs).

The film received also the Gold Award in the Moving Image series, and SOK’s Head of Marketing, Lauri Toivonen, who commissioned the advert for HOK-Elanto, received the Client of the Year Award.

“When the majority of marketing communication disappears into the trash category of our minds, the best advertising cannot feel like advertising. It feels right”, says the Head of the Jury Niklas Lilja.

The lifetime award, the Platinum Award, was given to Päivi Topinoja-Aranko. She is, among other things, the founder of the advertising agency, Family. The award is given to a prominent figure in the industry for their life’s work. It has been part of the competition from the very beginning in 1980, but only two women had received the award before Topinoja-Aranko.

Both Wolt and Finland emojis won two Gold Awards in two different series: Wolt for its digital design and product design; Finland emojis in the Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Communications series.

Other awardees included, among many, as the winner of Young Creatives and EnterFinland, the winner of Service Design.

The awarded works will be on display in an exhibition in Torikorttelit from 21 April– 8 May.