New design award will be launched at Turku Design Festival

New design prizes are rewarded for design students, professionals and enthusiasts at Turku Design Festival. 

New design prizes will be rewarded for design students, professionals and enthusiasts at Turku Design Festival.

New Finnish design award will be launched  Turku Design Festival on Saturday. TDF Awards are be given for the first time for design students, professionals and enthusiasts, selected both by audience and jury.

Altogether 84 pieces of work attended the competition in three categories: 39 from students, 36 from professionals and 9 from enthusiasts.

“I was happily surprised how many people joined it. It seems like that there is a need for an award that is easy to apply”, says Lan Le-Gävert, the Executive Producer of Turku Design Festival.

Participicants come from all over Finland. In Le-Gävert’s opinion, it is clear that design events are needed also outside of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

“We want to make Turku a well-known design destination”, she says.

Shoko Bamba’s Amu Stool has been inspired by old handicrafts. © SKOHO BAMBA

Grandfather clocks and species of the Baltic Sea

Works attending the competition vary from a modern grandfather clock to a bicycle cafe.

Some of them express strong opinions. For example Iiris Herttua’s Bachelor’s thesis collection Black Gold makes a statement towards the destruction of ecosystems due to the acts of human kind. It is inspired by bladder wrack seaweed that is a key species of the Baltic Sea and oil in its different forms. All of the works can be seen and voted here. Winners are be published on Saturday, May 7.

Turku Design Festival brings design-enthusiasts together for the sixth time in a row. This year, the festival’s theme is “Experience is the sixth sense”. The occasion is a chance to celebrate the achievements of Finnish design.

The versatile festival program includes i.a. Spring Market as well as speeches and workshops covering various areas of design.

BE Design’s Lume coat rack has been previously mentioned in Elle Decoration. © BE DESIGN

Turku Design Festival
Turku, Finland

TDF Awards
7.5. at 13-16:30
Turun VPK-talo, Eskelinkatu 5, Turku