See the Kauppatori2017 finalist market stalls

The Helsinki Market Square Competition finalists are now selected. The prototypes will be exhibited at the Market Square during the summer.

The Market Square Competition finalists are now selected. The prototypes will be exhibited at the Market Square during the summer.

The Helsinki Market Square is one of the most important locations in Finland. The dominant feature of the area have been the orange tents for selling produce and souvenirs. This is what they might look like in the future.

The finalists of Market Square student competition by Aalto University aims to find new concepts for the Market Square and showcase the possibilities of innovative design.

First, in the anonymous first phase student teams submitted their proposals fand the most potential were chosen for the second phase. In the second phase, the proposals were developed by the teams into detailed designs.

Now four finalists are chosen to be prototyped and built. The prototypes will be exhibited at the Market Square during the summer.  The winner will be awarded in August.



Salut: Joona Heikkilä, Ella Kaira, Lauri Klemola & Benjamin Åkerblom © MARCO MENESTRINA

The jury was pleased with the modern look of this design and stated “the asymmetric roof gives the design a new/old identity”.

Team’s description:

“Salut aims to rejuvenate the market square by combining old and new traditions. The form of the new stalls is modern, yet reminiscent of the existing market tents. The plywood and fabric construction is designed bearing in mind easy assembly and transportation.”


Sail!: Tigran Khachatryan, Noora Kassinen & Kristaps Sveisberg © MARCO MENESTRINA

The design has been described as “striking” and “a landmark” by the jury.

Team’s description:

“The proposed design is a composition of Hypar shaped tensile structures that span over the Kauppatori marketplace like sails. Besides providing protection from unpleasant weather conditions sails also contain reference to the origin of the marketplace. They protect the marketplace at the same time letting its rich and diverse world to unfold underneath. Their openness symbolize the freedom of Finland and its people.”

A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilful Sailor

A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilful Sailor: Liinu Kivioja & Kamomilla Sarajärvi © MARCO MENESTRINA

The jury was impressed with the team for also taking in consideration the negative spaces that the stalls create.

Team’s description:

“One of the strongest elements of Kauppatori is its beautiful location by the sea. Our design was inspired by this constantly changing landscape where the waves are creating a carpet of positive and negative spaces on the water. Kauppatori is a place for different visitors, for different activities and for different atmospheres. It is a place where traditional meets modern. Kauppatori should breathe like the sea around it.”

Making Waves

Making Waves: Angela Lin, Hsiao-Chun Shih & Yihan Xiang © MARCO MENESTRINA

The jury described the design harmonious and enjoyed the way the different height stalls would give a lively aspect to the area.

Team’s description:

“Our proposed structures are an extension of the sea’s dynamic waves and colors, and seek to both visually and functionally represent the crossing of land onto sea, and sea onto land. It is versatile in accommodating different seasons and events through shifting in composition and formation, while still conveying a clear overall visual impact.

Harmoniously embracing the harbor view and bringing to light the site’s signi cance and forgotten stories, our proposal is positioned to enhance the public market experience, and to “Make Waves” in Helsinki’s cultural scene.”