Weekly Mix: Frida Hultcrantz

The most important works of artist Frida Hultcrantz are the ones she'd rather not to show to anyone. This wintry playlist is a combo of her all-time favourites.

The most important works of artist Frida Hultcrantz are the ones she’d rather not to show to anyone. This wintry playlist is a combo of her all-time favourites.

Artist Frida Hultcrantz makes paintings that at first glance resemble photographs. They are detailed and full of insight.

In her paintings, Hultcrantz addresses loneliness and being an outsider. Perhaps because she has always felt different. In addition to painting, she finds inspiration in dressed-up people and organizes creative events.

Hello Frida, how are you?

I am fine, thank you. I sit in my studio and wait for the sun to rise. Right now I am working on a series of paintings as a part of a joint exhibition to open in the spring 2017. Besides painting, I cooperate with musician Mirella Pendolin. Our creative concept Fredagståget produces things that bring happiness to people and make us laugh. We illustrate and write together, make podcasts and organize creative events.

You are known for the fascinating spectrum of colours in your works. What do colours mean to you?

Colours are like food to me. They all taste different. Some are sweet, others salty. A colour in the right spot in the right environment makes me want to lick it or chew it!

You were born in Sweden, and you have lived nearly twenty years in Finland. Do roots matter?

I ask myself this all the time. Many of my works are about the past and about my roots. They have left a lasting impression on me. However, I do believe that we are able to grow new roots, but new roots are never as strong as the ones we are born with.

How do you work?

We have an old house in Loviisa and a home in Helsinki. I work at home or in my studio. When I need support for my painting processes, I take the photos at home, but I spend the rest of the time painting in my studio.


Which of your works are particularly memorable to you?

I think my most important works are the ones that I never want to show to anyone. They evoke so many feelings, and I hate some of them. Some of my most memorable works were born from failures. Those are the ones that can make me feel sick as an artist. Yet they are the ones that push me towards new revelations and create something exciting that may not have been born otherwise.

Your androgynous style has drawn plenty of admiration. As an artist, do you have an idol or a style guru?

I admire honest persons and artists who know to enjoy life and want to be seen in every way. Typically I am inspired by people who dress up and feel good about themselves.

What is the most important thing in your life right now?

Forever and ever, friends are my most important asset. I am lucky to have friends to whom I can talk about absolutely everything. They make me feel important, just like my dear daughters.

What does music mean to you?

When I was a child, my mother always sang. As I grew older, we sang and played together a lot, almost like a family band. Music translates into energy for me. I choose my listening according to where and how I work. I can also enjoy quietude.

What is your biggest dream as an artist?

I am a great dreamer. It would be great to be able to make a living by making art some day.

What kind of a playlist have you put together for us and why?

My favourite music varies constantly. However, I have noticed to prefer solemn sounds and melancholic music. To this playlist, I have collected my favourite and the most important songs of the good old days.


Weekly Mix playlist by Frida Hultcrantz: