Ramboll is the main partner of Helsinki Design Week

Design and consultancy company Ramboll is the main partner of Helsinki Design Week in 2017.

Design and consultancy company Ramboll is the main partner of Helsinki Design Week in 2017.

Helsinki Design Week is the biggest design festival in the Nordic countries. Its objective is to develop the city with the means of design. In 2016, the festival attracted 158,000 visitors.

This year, design conglomerate Ramboll is the main partner of the event. Cooperation is based on a shared theme: urban development.

Viable cities need active platforms to share their social capital. One such platform is the new central library of Helsinki, Oodi. Ramboll’s international expertise is widely involved in its design.

“We always base the design on people. The success of an urban development project depends on how the needs of the citizens are being addressed. This is an assumption that we share with Helsinki Design Week that offers a platform for the citizens to participate in the development of and discussion about their living environment by means of design,” says marketing and communications director at Ramboll, Karoliina Lehmusvirta.

“As a conglomerate organization of experts, Ramboll is a natural partner to an urban festival. Facing the future, Ramboll introduces new viewpoints to urban development and challenges the design field to solve urbanization questions,” says Helsinki Design Week founder and director Kari Korkman.

Ramboll takes part in Helsinki Design Week events and marketing throughout the year. The highlight of the programme is an urban festival organized between 7 and 17 September 2017 where Ramboll presents its own sub-event.

Read more about regional and urban development by Ramboll on the campaign site.

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