Remember these young Finnish design talents

If you are interested in the promising names of Finnish graphic design, check out this shortlist.

If you are interested to know the promising names in Finnish graphic design, check out this list.

The shortlist for Finland’s most significant annual creative design contest Vuoden Huiput 2016 is announced today.

The Best of Finnish Advertising and Design competition has nominated 16 works in the category called Young Creatives that is dedicated to under-29-year-old talented professionals. The contest is looking to promote the best design and marketing communications in Finland.

The nominees have been listed in random order. By clicking the name, you can find their website or works.

The Young Creatives shortlist:

909 entires

The Vuoden Huiput 2016 contest has shortlisted 147 projects in total. The nominees have been listed in random order and include all the works to be awarded in the festival gala and presented in an annual catalogue. Altogether, the contest introduces 83 entries for the catalogue, 46 second-best works (silver level), 15 best works (gold level) and 4 special prizes.

The nominees for the best works of the year are voted using a secret ballot, and the winners will not be revealed, not even to the judges, before the gala.

The contest received 909 entries in total. This is 59 more than last year. The jury chose the best works in the beginning of February. This year, the contest has been refined, and the shortlist now includes illustrations and descriptions of the nominees.

Chief judge Sanna Mander will choose the best of the best work awarded with the Grand Prix.

The awards will be published and handed out in the Vuoden Huiput 2016 gala on the 27th of April 2017 at Event Center Telakka in Hernesaari, Helsinki. Tickets to the gala are available at the Grafia online shop in March.