The ABC of Finnish fashion for kids

Kiddie brands Papu, Gugguu and Vimma explain why Finnish fashion for kids is IN.

Kiddie brands PapuGugguu and Vimma explain why Finnish fashion for kids is IN.

Fashion designed for kids is every bit as trendy as any other kind of fashion. The things that are IN show the way, but eventually the brands decide themselves what to design and which trends to follow. Domestic origin, gender-neutral patterns and ecology are the values that they share.

Vimma employs various talented pattern designers mainly in Finland. Vimma CEO Marjut Rahkola thinks that Finnish artists have good taste and take responsibility for themselves and the rest of the world.

“Finnish fashion is typically bold, persistently passionate and able to renew itself and look into the future,” she says.

Ecological clothing is important for Finnish fashion for kids. © VIMMA


Consumers increasingly appreciate local produce, but ethically made goods are more expensive. Gugguu CEO Miia Riekki emphasizes good working conditions and pay in the factories.

“I believe that accidents at the factories have partially increased the importance of ethically manufactured clothing,” she says.

Gugguu launched their first collection in 2013. © GUGGUU

Gugguu believes in their own values. © GUGGUU

Founder and creative director of Papu Anna Kurkela says the brand is based on values in addition to design views.

“I don’t see discrepancy between commercial and ethical production as long as profit is not the only concern,” she says.

From left to right: Anna Kurkela & Papu, Marjut Rahkola & Vimma and Miia Riekki & Gugguu

Papu wants to change the world. © PAPU

Anna Kurkela hopes that people would invest in quality rather than quantity. © PAPU

Gender-neutral practical clothing

All the brands design their products to be gender-neutral and practical. Fashion and practicality do not exclude each other; the best kids’ fashion combines these qualities.

“We have no restrictions, only possibilities. Boys can wear flowers, and grown-ups can wear dinosaurs and triceratops. Girls can be androgynous and free of princess roles,” Rahkola says.

Girls and boys’ colours are things of the past. The brands want to encourage people to open-mindedly wear gender-neutral patterns.

Vimma has always designed unisex clothing. © VIMMA

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