Design tips for Flow Festival

This year, art at Flow Festival will be more ambitious than ever, as every corner of the festival area will hold a surprise. See our design tips for the weekend in Suvilahti.

Laura Väinölä: Altar of Attraction

Young Designer of the Year Laura Väinölä will build a large-scale commissioned work named Altar of Attraction. Väinölä will create a shrine to be a part of the renewed Backyard area. The shrine offers people a chance to calm down and become energised in the middle of the festival’s stimulation rich world.


This year Flow’s visitors can explore Kokoon, a house designed by Aalto University’s architecture students. Kokoon was designed to meet the needs for temporary accommodation, and it could offer a place for living for asylum seekers, students, residents displaced by building renovations, and others. The house will be open to visitors throughout the festival.


Aalto University’s Visual Communication Design students will construct a 100 meter fence mural to cheer up visitors going through the passageway near Flow’s entrance. The theme of the mural is “Song Interpretation”, which has inspired each illustrator to create visual interpretations of songs by the artists performing at Flow this year.

Riviera Cinema Bar

The one and only movie theatre in the Kallio district will arrive to Flow Festival again this year. In the Cirko hall, you can take a breather amidst the festival buzz, relax into the cozy beach chairs and hammocks, and let your thoughts wander to something completely different.

Riviera Cinema Bar
Fri 11.8. 15:30
Sat 12.8. 14:00
Sun 13.8. 13:00
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HuskMitNavn: The Print Show

HuskMitNavn (RememberMyName) is a Danish street artist, whose works satirically comment on both politics and everyday life alike. Through the artist’s pieces, these subjects gain completely new meanings. HuskMitNavn is Denmark’s most renowned artist with a background in graffiti. The artist’s works are featured in Denmark’s National Gallery and the famous ARoS museum’s collections. At Make Your Mark Gallery, HuskMitNavn will present The Print Show – exhibition as well as sell prints. In addition, the artist will paint a mural on Flow’s outside area.

Green Core

Green Core will be a chilled and relaxed space at the Aalto area consisting of light installations and a seating area. The light installation will be formed from alight frames with a core of all kinds of green plants. Green Core is a structurally challenging spatial artwork made by students of Aalto University realised in cooperation with Sun Effects. Artists include Karita Asmala, Mindele Grant, Piia Jalkanen, Noora Katajalaakso, Pinja Koskelin, Sanni Rajapolvi, Miika Ruotsalainen and Sara Urbanski.

Animated Maniacs

Aalto University student animations will be showcased on the screens of Main Stage and Lapin Kulta Red Arena all day and they are experimental and bold. Each piece is a different look at how diverse the works can be, with all styles explored including computer animation, texture mapping, found elements, hand drawn pieces and, of course, nude dancing. Artists include Aliina Kauranne, Joonas Vähäkallio, Bee Österman, Hertta Lehtovirta, Jenna Seikkula, Oona Järvinen, and Ville Niemi.

EGS: Crime, Travel, Communication, Entertainment 1

Finland’s best known graffiti artist, EGS, will spray paint Flow Festival’s gasometer with a huge, fluorescent, world map piece. The piece has been inspired by Kraftwerk’s Computer World song and will be visible only during the festival. The artist is known especially for his collection of pieces featuring maps related to peace treaties, painted with injection needles. These pieces have been acquired for several significant private and public collections.

See all the artworks in Flow Festival here.