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The fair centre in Helsinki, Messukeskus, gathers dozens of companies to participate in the Showroom from 13 to 15 September 2017, presenting products, services and solutions targeted at interior design project and interior architecture professionals.



Architects on architects from 13 to 15 September

“Architects on Architects” is a discussion panel organized every day at the Showroom, featuring two architects challenging each other to a dialogue about a pre-defined theme.

Wednesday 13 September at 14.30: Ville Hara & Helena Sandman

Friday 15 September at 15.30: Marco Casagrande & Inari Virkkala

Keynote: Keller Easterling

Keller Easterling will talk about state variables and how to use them more as ways of innovation and global administration as well as the global infrastructural space from the point of view a design repertoire expanded by free zones, political capacity and pleasant esthetics.

Friday 15 September at 17.00

Keynote: Flemming Rafn Thomsen: “Nature First”

In his talk, Flemming will address the following questions: “Is the city of the future a hybrid of nature and culture?” “Can adapting to climate change mean other than one-dimensional beautification and focus on the ultimate cause, which is us?”

Wednesday 13 September at 18.00

Keynote: Mike Lydon

Mike Lydon will talk about tactical urbanism: Short-term community-based projects – from pop-ups to open streets – have become a new powerful and agile tool for urban activists, designers and political decision-makers that strives to promote sustainable improvements in cities and elsewhere. These fast, often affordable and creative projects form the core of the Tactical Urbanism movement.

Thursday 14 September at 17.30

Introduction: Timo Hämäläinen

Timo Hämäläinen will give an introductory speech about a group of activists designing Pro Helsinki 2.0, a grass-root alternative to the official Helsinki City master plan.

Thursday 14 September at 17.15

Introduction: Elina Alatalo

All parties from urban designers to politicians and activists have something to learn.

Thursday 14 September at 17.00

Sami Rintala: Rintala Eggertson’s latest designs & projects, and the thinking behind it

Finnish architect Sami Rintala who currently lives in northern Norway tells us about the latest trends in the field of architecture and teaching in the USA,


and Scotland, among other.

Friday 15 September at 14.00

Panel: Urban environment needs creative design – value to construction from art and design

The Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo gathers experts of art, design and interior architecture to the Showroom to discuss and share their experiences about using art and design to attract in construction.

Wednesday 13 September at 13.30

Lunch Talks: Multivalent green areas and public outdoor space in the city

Ideas from the viewpoint of science, eco-system services and design are provided by landscape architects Ulla Loukkaanhuhta (Ramboll), Mari Ariluoma (Nomaji) and director of green roof research group “Fifth Dimension”, university researcher Susanna Lehvävirta.

Thursday 14 September

Lunch Talks: Service design in spatial and urban design projects

Service design is a rapidly growing discipline, and there is plenty of trained know-how on the market. Service designers Mikko Koivisto, Paula Bello and Erno Forsström discuss service design from the client’s point of view.

Interior architecture and design:

Lunch Talks: Interior architecture in public space – discussion about the development and internationalization of the field

The panelists are interior architects Joanna Laajisto, Vertti Kivi and Petra Majantie. Project sales manager and interior architect Kaisa Kivelä of Finnish Design Shop will moderate the discussion.

Wednesday 13 September

Keynote: Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby (unfortunately Jay Osgerby could not come this time)

The keynote by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby addresses the Q&A theme in design, especially reflecting their own design experiments.

Wednesday 13 September at 10.30

Keynote: Kim Weckstrøm Jensen

Kim Jensen has always been impressed by the different forms of light and the ability of pure light to enliven an environment. He is interested in the co-occurrent impact of light on colours, surfaces and shadows and the imprint it makes on our senses and thereby on our moods.

Wednesday 13 September at 10.30

Panel: Design Museums of Tomorrow – Perspectives from Japan, Finland, and the world

Wednesday 13 September at 16.00

Panel: Urban environment needs creative design – value to construction from art and design

Wednesday 13 September at 13.30


Keynote: Kim Weckstrøm Jensen

Friday 15 September at 13.00

Panel: Guerrilla Lighting

The purpose of the Guerrilla Lighting event is to draw attention to the lighting of the environment. Guerrilla Lighting in Jätkäsaari is part of the Architectural Lighting Course at the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki on 14 September, and its results are presented in a panel discussion on the following day.

Friday 15 September at 10.30