Helsinki Design Week 2017: For city activists

How can you help make a better city? Come to Helsinki Design Week to find out! See our tips for city activists.

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w[o/a]ndering is an exhibition that showcases an empty old factory building of Arabia. The exhibition reflects the past and the future of both Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and the Arabia 135 city block. One era ends and another one begins. The direction is forward, vistas of the future sharpen step by step…

The exhibition architecture is designed by a team of Metropolia UAS design students.

From 7 to 17
Hämeentie 135


Lähiöfest 2017 – Pre-events

Lähiöfest2017 hosts during HDW a series of pre-events in the form of meetups where activists, experts and citizens share their experiences and knowledge on how to change the city for the better. The first meetup will take place at the Sähinä Cultural Centre in Lauttasaari.

Wednesday 13 September
Sähinä Cultural Centre
Heikkiläntie 10


ID Helsinki 2017

A trade show about contract and commercial interiors. Open spaces, workplaces and offices. Over 60 exhibitors, hundreds of quality brands, lectures and presentations, afternoon party.

Free entry for professionals as well as their customers. Register as a visitor:

Tapahtumakeskus Telakka
Henry Fordin katu 6


Workshop Human Cities

A collaborative international workshop of the Human Cities project organized by Group X, Department of Architecture of Aalto University aimed to develop the School as a Service concept in Otaniemi. The workshop is lead by a professional service designer and will contain a presentation by Professor of Service Architecture Jarmo Suominen and a guided tour about Aalto University’s campus development.

Human Cities/Challenging the City Scale is a project that aims to improve the quality of public spaces by involving and activating cultural and civic participants. Lead by Cité du Design Saint-Etienne, 12 partners from cities around Europe form the platform for interdisciplinary exchanges. The project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Tuesday 12 September
Aalto University, Otaniemi


Builders of the Future 2017

Produced by the Design Museum and Helsinki Design Week, Builders of the Future 2017 is an event for young people. This event introduces young people to the methods of design and architecture, offering them means to observe their own environment.

The event will be realized by the Helsinki City Education Committee, the Design Museum and the Helsinki Design Week organization. Other partners in the project are Annantalo House, the Finnish Design Education Association SuoMu, the Arkki School of Architecture for Children and Young People and Architecture Information Centre Finland. The Design Path network and other actors in the field will be invited to carry out the workshops.

Friday 15 September
Helsinki City Hall


Homma himaan – Home, Work and Community in One Package

What will future co-living be like? What kind of interesting combinations can be created by combining home, work and community? Homma himaan creates a way of living that produces new forms of work as well as new places to live in, by combining existing resources in new ways. At the same time it seeks solutions to youth homelessness and unemployment. Homma himaan works against loneliness and helps people of different ages come together. Come and be inspired, share your ideas and meet our co-developers!

Friday 8 September