Helsinki Design Weekly Podcast 7: Sonja Heikkilä and Ian Sacs

In the 7th episode Sonja Heikkilä and Ian sacs discuss about Mobility as a Service, and how this new thinking will affect the future of Helsinki, among other cities.

Episode 7

Sonja Heikkilä, Project Director, OP Financial Group
Ian Sacs, Project Manager, Ramboll

Sonja Heikkilä is currently employed by OP Financial Group, but she is a traffic engineer and a pioneer of Mobility as a Service thinking. She has previously worked as a transport engineer for the City of Helsinki and her groundbreaking work on Mobility as a Service has been featured in Business insider, Bloomberg and Fast Company among others. Ian Sacs has graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville in civil engineering in transport and has worked as the traffic director or the city of Hoboken, in NJ. He has also blogged extensively on traffic related topics. Today he works as a traffic consultant at Ramboll in Helsinki.

In this episode Sonja and Ian discuss how we are moving from transport as a service to mobility as a service. As the opportunities seem endless, one of the challenges is to move away from what we already know and be truly creative. Why is Helsinki in an advanced position regarding this development? What is the future of private cars in the future? What is the menu of mobility? And what are the cities which these two experts look up to?

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Sonja Heikkilä

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