HDW HOP 2018: A beautiful Sculpture Altar will take place at Stockmann

The HDW HOP series will introduce the installations that will make the center of Helsinki even more lively during Helsinki Design Week, 6‒16 September 2018.

During Helsinki Design Week, a set of urban installations will once again take over the city. The series will consist of works by international designers and architects, and each work will have something to say about Helsinki Design Week’s theme for 2018: TRUST. The installations and their designers will be introduced in Helsinki Design Weekly. 

Photo: Emma Sarpaniemi
Photo: Emma Sarpaniemi

The first to be introduced is the installation ”10 elements” by the sculptor Man Yau. Yau usually names her projects at the very end of the process, so the final name will be confirmed later. The installation will consist of the space, sculptures, sound and light, which Yau has gathered into an altar. The installation can be seen at Stockmann. Yau was received the Young Talent award at Muoto Gala 2017 (from 2018, Helsinki Design Awards). For the prize, Stockmann awarded Yau with the space for the installation for Helsinki Design Week 2018.

Man Yau – “10 elements”

Who is the person behind the installation, and what other works have you done in the past?

My name is Man Yau and I work with sculpture. All my previous projects are meaningful to me, but perhaps the exhibition ”Delfu” is the most significant. It was a very rewarding project. I only used materials that feel natural to me and I’m happy with the end result.

Where did the idea for the installation come from?

The idea for the installation to be built in Stockmann came when I started thinking about who I want to create this work for. Then came this idea of an altar, where on the surface there is a feeling of a contact with things or people meaningful to me. I want to reflect on the relationship with my own work and the materials chosen, but mostly about the people that matter to me.

Blunto (2013) Photo: Anna Niskanen
Blunto (2013) Photo: Anna Niskanen

All of the HDW HOP installations will comment on our theme TRUST. How does your installation embody this theme?

These things and people meaningful to me that the sculptures represent have become important to me, since the relationship between two – whether its sculpting or a life partner – always includes trust.

Why is it worth seeing this installation?

If you are interested in sculpture, you are welcome to see this one!

How can design add trust and openness?

In the context of working life, trust happens when the employee or employer understands the responsibility the position holds. On the simplest level, this should be seen in all artwork, products and services. In the working process the rules must apply: treat employees, partners and clients in the way you wish to be treated, whether this work happens alone or takes place in Finland or abroad.

Aeon Lines (2014) Photo: Anna Niskanen
Aeon Lines (2014) Photo: Anna Niskanen