Data-Driven Design Day – practical advice on how to utilize data in design

Popular Data Driven Design Day is once again organized by Helsinki Design Week on the 13thof September. We can expect inspiring stories about developing products and services based on data to enhance customer experience and business.

The theme for this year’s Data-Driven Design Day is Seamless Experience. During the day, we’ll ponder design’s impact in the multi-channelled world where communications come through various devices and services

Adjunct Professor at Aalto University Lassi Liikkanen will be curating the event for the fourth year. Liikkanen says that Data-Driven Design Day is targeted at all people interested in utilizing data for service development. We’ll hear thoughts and practical tips on how to utilize data from the very top professionals in the field, including Jay Kaufmann from Zalando. We’ll also hear examples from the specialists of organizations like YLE and travel agency Aurinkomatkat.

“The idea is that during the day the participants learn ways to exploit data based on the specialists’ examples. We want to explore the best practices found in the design world and share our tips,” Liikkanen says.

These service design promotion events are organized for the second time during Helsinki Design Week. Design plays a major role in the encounters between companies and their customers because it defines the impression left with the customer and influences their will to continue business with the company.

“Nowadays we meet customers in various digital media all the time. We’ve asked the speakers to particularly address the way data is collected in their organization and what changes it has generated,” Liikkanen continues.

Tickets to Data-Driven Design Day will be on sale on Tuesday 26 June 9AM.

Data-Driven Design Day takes place 13 September 2018 at 9:00 to 15:00 at the Clarion Hotel Helsinki. More information will be updated on the Data-Driven Design Day Facebook event during the summer.