Read parents tips for the Children’s Design Week

Weekly asked parents to review the Children’s Design Week programme: Read which events are of interest to blogger Julia Thurén, designer Klaus Aalto and cultural entrepreneur Marjukka Malkavaara.

Julia Thurén, reporter/author of the Juliaihminen blog:

Children’s Weekend at Kattilahalli

The atmosphere in the old boiler hall is frantic but lovely. Last year I participated in a music session with my child, and the man walking on poles was especially to his liking.

15 and 16 September

A collective ryijy rug

Who wouldn’t love a ryijy rug these days? In this event, we’ll be able to participate in a fun tradition and tie a new piece into one large rug.

15 and 16 September

Fairytale science of materials

I’m interested in knowing what kind of clothing materials are durable and therefore ecological. My 2.5-year-old son does not yet understand the concept of material, but he usually enjoys this kind of events with beautiful colours and surfaces.

Lasten viikonloppu © Iiris Heikka

Klaus Aalto, designer:

Cup of Therapy:

We had our kids’ portraits painted three years ago at Matti’s studio, and the experience was memorable, cosy and warm for all of us. Spirit animals are an awesome idea and bound to tickle the kids’ imagination. At least our 4-year-old should provide a proper challenge for Matti.

15 September


A visually interesting work that arouses interest and challenges kids and adults alike to face new kinds of encounters. Outdoor installations are a nice target for an autumnal promenade in the city with the family.

From 6 to 16 September


WeeGee’s versatile programme promises solid expertise and fun workshops. Take a step back to the past by visiting the Futuro house.

This is also a chance to test the new western metro line if you haven’t done that already.

15 September

Lasten viikonloppu ©Aino Huovio

Marjukka Malkavaara, cultural entrepreneur:

Children’s Design Week in the City Museum: Build your own puppet show

My 5-year-old daughter loves handicrafts, and I can imagine her really liking the puppet show workshop. Because the materials include ordinary juice cartons and cans, the instructions will be easy to apply at home.

6 September

Children’s Weekend: Flower Workshop

The Flower Workshop, which is part of the Children’s Weekend programme, sounds like a lovely activity for my daughter and me to enjoy together – we’re both crazy about flowers, and I think I’ll enjoy creating my own garland, too.

15 and 16 September

Children’s Weekend: Pop-up Playground – Charming Magic Forest!

My 2-year-old son does not yet have enough concentration skills for lengthy craft projects, but I think he’ll enjoy the playground built outside the boiler hall. A Magic Forest with rhyme, song and play sessions sounds like a perfect destination for an energetic boy, who loves music.

15 and 16 September