The New Market programme and vendor map have been published – Experience local food on stage with all of your senses

New Market x Food means that this year the focus is on food, in particular on Finnish flavours. Organized in cooperation with Ruokatieto, 22 food producers and brands will be introduced at the New Market loft of the Cable Factory. Download the vendor map and plan your route through the loft!

The New Market of novelties will this year focus on local Finnish food producers. Their work is all about skilful product development, clever production methods and innovation ability. On the loft we’ll get to taste, for example, the Power Bean (Voima-papu) products made of broad beans grown on the Karviainen farm and Päivärinne’s original Rye Flakes, the flour for which is ground from grain from local farmers. We’ll also meet the Apple Catcher (Omenasieppari), who hires people with special needs and promises to collect the apples left in the trees. The textile partner of the event is Finlayson, and the loft has been decorated with Mimis Garden’s products.

Download the New Market vendor map here.

In addition to sampling food, the New Market stage will host food and design discussions and food-related info spots. Food can be experienced on stage using all of our senses during the Produce from Finland spots hosted by Ruokatieto. The participants have an opportunity to experience the five basic tastes in a completely new way in fifteen-minute spots. Known for her versatile workshops, blogger “Crafty Mum” aka Tuunaajamutsi will take the stage to provide information on how to reuse food packaging in a fun way.

In addition, small innovative food companies will be interviewed on stage. Just like last year, we’ll get to enjoy restaurant Loop’s vegetarian dishes that help reduce food waste.

The complete programme is available below.


Saturday, 8 September 2018

13.00 – Produce from Finland 

The Produce from Finland spots provide a new approach to basic tastes. They’ll tickle our taste buds for the five basic tastes using genuine Finnish ingredients. For 15 minutes, we’ll experience the food using all of our senses. Each group fits 12 persons and requires registration at the Produce from Finland (Hyvää Suomesta) desk. The tastings take place at 13.00, 15.00 and 17.00.

14.30 – Verso Food

Verso Food is a Finnish company producing innovative vegetarian food alternatives made of Finnish ingredients. On stage, Verso Food will tell the stories of its brand and its HÄRKIS products.

14.45 Ainoa Winery

Ainoa Winery produces delicious wine which is made from berries found in Finland’s forests. During its speech, the company will share how it all started and how their products have found their current form.

15.00 – Produce from Finland 

15.30 – WWF

WWF will talk about the environmental effects of food consumption.

15.45 – Helsieni & Agrometsä 

Helsieni and Agrometsä are experts in growing mushrooms for food. The companies tell the audience how to grow mushrooms for food at home using coffee grounds, and they’ll donate a mushroom-growing log to one lucky winner. The keynotes address mushrooms’ role in the Finnish ecosystem.

16.15 – The Karviainen Farm

The people from the Karviainen Farm introduce their Power Bean (VOIMA-PAPU) products made of broad beans available as flour, small pieces, whole bean and toasted.

Klo 16.30 – Lipasu

Lipasu Oy is a new company that makes vegetarian ice creams from broad beans. They’ll take the stage to introduce the Härtelö product and tell more about making innovative ice cream.

16.45 – Organic Farm Rainingon luomutila

The Raininko Farm located in the Inkoinen village of Lieto grows and refines organic quinoa products directly to consumers. They’ll present their business idea and superfood-like products on stage.

17.00 – Produce from Finland


Sunday 9 September 2018  

13.00 – Produce from Finland

On Sunday, we’ll take another dip into Produce from Finland. Each group fits 12 persons and requires registration at the Produce from Finland (Hyvää Suomesta) desk. The spots take place at 13.00, 15.00 and 17.00.

Klo 14.15 – Tuunaajamutsi (“Crafty Mum”)

Crafty Mum’s inspiring lecture is all about reusing and crafting with food packaging.

Klo 14.45 – Lejos

Lejos will present their novelty product Snäkkäri. Snäkkäri is a Finnish and seed cracker full of fiber which has been baked at Ulla Pakari to Finnish pure oats (“puhdaskaura”). Lejos will converse on stage about gluten free breads and the origins of Snäkkäri.

15.00 – Produce from Finland

15.30 – Agrifutura

Agrifutura produces NAMS tomatoes and follows the principles of sustainable development. On stage, the company will tell their story on how to grow tasty tomatoes and what kind of features are included in the product.

15.45 – Linseed Protein Finland

Linseed Protein Finland produces the Valo24h superfood breakfast series, consisting of five products made of toasted Finnish flaxseed and berries. The company introduces the product to the audience and talks about the special features of flaxseed.

16.00 – Applecatcher

Applecatcher (Omenasieppari) makes juice from apples which would otherwise go to waste, and provides work for people with special needs. On stage, the company reveals the principles of their business and presents the project.

16.15 – Snafu

Snafu grows the Silmusalaatti green products in a greenhouse in Vaarla, Vantaa, only 15 km from the centre of Helsinki. Their keynote will explain the features and methods of this organic product.

16.30 – Tähtikuoharit

This company from North Karelia makes non-alcoholic fizzy Sihinä beverages. Tähtikuoharit will introduce their fizzy drink products and versatile flavours on stage.

Klo 16.45 – The Murtola HempFarm

The Murtola HempFarm (Murtolan Hamppufarmi) is a family business located in western Finland and a provider of Finnish hemp oil products. They’ll introduce the company on stage and tell us about nutritious and ecological hemp oil products.

17.00 – Produce from Finland


The event will be hosted by Mariaana Nelimarkka, who has been named as the Food Reporter of the Year 2018 by the Finnish Chef Association. Mariaana is specialized in beers and ciders but has followed the food industry from a variety of angles during her 10-year career. She feels vegetarian food is her passion but sees herself as a flexible eater.