Daily Tips: Friday, 7 September

Helsinki Design Week offers many things to do on a Friday night. Take a look at the tips for Friday, 7 September and pick your favourites!

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Better Tomorrow – How Technology can Help People Live a Healthier and Fuller Life

Service Center Helsinki aims to prolong our customers’ physical and mental health by providing support for security, medication and nutrition and maintaining functional ability through rehabilitation. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, a vast liaison network and the firm’s knowledge of healthcare service design, the service center has been able to develop a concept that is internationally renowned. However, they believe they are far from ready, so they would like to invite visitors to come and take part in developing the concept to offer an even better tomorrow for their citizens.

Service Center Helsinki
Elimäenkatu 15


Architecture Night in KesäKino 

A carefully designed milieu, the surroundings in which the movie takes place, is an important part of a successful film. After watching a movie or two, the Architecture Night in Kesäkino will host a discussion about the role of architecture and milieu in the storyline as well as the creation of an atmosphere. Ticket price 14€.

Aleksanterinkatu 26


Affordable Housing for the Young People of Helsinki: A Participative Process

NAL is eager to share with the community what they are up to and to present their latest ideas related to the question of approachable housing for the youth of Helsinki. The public is invited to be a part of a creative session where together important subjects are discussed, people will get to know each other, and it’ll be possible to create future scenarios for housing solutions.

Friday, 7 September
Narinkka 2


Let’s Talk about Graffiti and Graphic Design 

Grafia is organizing a discussion called “Let’s Talk about Graffiti and Graphic Design” at Helsinki Art Museum HAM’s graffiti exhibition. What kind of connections does graffiti have with visual communication design and designers? The discussion is hosted by Kaarle Hurtig.

Helsingin Taidemuseo HAM
Eteläinen Rautatienkatu 8


TRE Salon Open House 

World of TRE’s intimate by appointment only showroom and shop, TRE Salon, is located at Väinämöisenlinna at Aleksanterinkatu. Väinämöisenlinna is one of the most well-known Jugend buildings in Helsinki and offers an exquisite experience together with Finland’s most interesting design and unique experiences curated by World of TRE. The collection is aimed at tourists who are interested in luxury experiences and products, modern art, and Finnish food.

Aleksanterinkatu 44


Arabia Art Department Society / Unique / Exhibition/ Girls 2018

The second unique collection published by the Arabia Art Department Society is the GIRLS series by Katja Tukiainen. The collection consists of two sculptures that have been painted by the artist. Tukiainen’s collection combines the traditions of ceramic art and colourful painting.

Hämeentie 135 A, 9 krs


teamLab: Massless 

Known for their immersive digital installations that situate viewers into the artwork, teamLab seeks to investigate human behaviour in the information era. Their algorithm-based art interacts with and is often co-created by viewers, while challenging conventional notions of art and authorship. Anchored in premodern Japanese art, teamLab’s digital works merge western and eastern spatial depiction creating a new, shared space in which viewers can collectively engage in the universal themes of creativity, play, exploration, immersion, life and fluidity.

Amos Rex
Mannerheimintie 22-24


Design and Hygge 

How are design and hygge linked together, and what does hygge mean in the city environment? Questions such as these will be answered in a panel discussion with experts of the ‘hygge’ and ‘pantsdrunk’ phenomenon from both Denmark and Finland. Speakers include Director Anne-Louise Sommer from Design Museum Denmark, a designer from Bo Concept. By invitation only.

Korkeavuorenkatu 23