VALO/ON 2019 programme is out!

In two weeks’ time, lighting professionals will get together for VALO/ON. Organised for the first time in 2017, the two-day event will offer inspiring talks and opportunities to meet old and new and friends in an interesting environment. Weekly introduces the performers of this event aimed at professionals in the fields of lighting, architecture, and interior and spatial design.

VALO/ON 2019 will bring both international and Finnish keynotes from the fields of designing public spaces as well as the art of lighting. The event will also include some shining performances by the astronomer Esko Valtaoja and singer Anna Puu.

Rogier van der Heide is known for his work in designing both public and private spaces. In his work, he comes up with life-affirming solutions through the use of innovative design. Van der Heide has been working for over twenty years in participatory 3D design that combines light, reflection, architecture and product design. He has received multiple design awards, and his lectures cover matters such as lighting design, the business as well as strategic design.

Wednesday evening at VALO/ON 2019 will end with a performance by Finnish popstar Anna Puu.

The other international speaker is Christopher Bauder. He creates large-scale installations and lighting works. Bauder is also the founder of the art and design studio WHITEvoid. WHITEvoid boasts designers from the fields of interaction design, media and product design as well as interior architecture. His installations and performances have been seen around the world: the Zurich Designmuseum, the CTM & Transmediale festivals in Berlin, the MUTEK festivals in Montreal and Mexico City and in the Festival of Lights in Lyon, just to name a few.

The astronomer Esko Valtaoja, one of the most well-known scientists in Finland, will also make an appearance on stage. He is not only a respected researcher, but also a popular promoter of scientific knowledge. Valtaoja’s keynote will be in Finnish.

VALO/ON 2019 gathers together twenty-nine leading companies from the field of lighting. They will all present their most interesting and topical products as well as services. This event is aimed strictly for architects, interior architects, lighting designers as well as well as other professionals working on the fields of electricity and real estate. Please note that the tickets are limited. You can register here.

VALO/ON 2019, 30 January – 31 January, from 2 pm–9 pm. Tapahtumakeskus Telakka, Henry Fordin katu 6. More details can be found here.