These interior brands can be found at Design Market Online

Helsinki Design Week is arranging its first ever Design Market Online from 24–26 April. There will be some great finds among the classic Design Market items, such as the Everyday Design paper bag holder, Johanna Gullichsen’s fabrics as well as furniture from Hakola.

Helsinki Design Week is arranging its first ever Design Market Online from 24–26 April. There will be some great finds among the classic Design Market items, such as the Everyday Design paper bag holder, Johanna Gullichsen’s fabrics as well as furniture from Hakola.

Mark the Friday 24th of April to your calendar. This is when the stock sale discounts will be published in vendors’ online stores. All vendors will be adding sales items online throughout the weekend so it’s worth visiting the stores daily. Offers will also be published in Helsinki Design Week’s social media on Instagram and  Facebook, make sure you follow us.

Vallila Interior

Finnish Design from Vallila, Helsinki. Vallila Interior is a finnish family company specialized in interior textiles and projects. Vallila Interior also does wholesale and interior design for large commercial projects.

Riikka Jalava and the Makeba-pattern, designed by Howard Smith. The design is named after the singer Miriam Makeba and it is inspired by the 70’s atmosphere.

Everyday Design

Everyday Design is a family company founded in 1995. Their product series include both aesthetic as well as practical storage and interior products. The metal used in the products is partially recycled and still recyclable, the leather is recycled leather and material loss is kept to a minimum.


Hakola is a leader in the design industry, creating future ways of working and new design traditions. The Hakola family has more than 50 years of experience in making furniture. The furniture is still handcrafted at their own factory in Jurva, as it is of primary importance for the company to preserve the Jurmala carpentry tradition and furniture production.

Häli-Ann Tooms Studio

“We are a botanical studio working with interior plantscapes and decor design. Our studio is aiming to exhibit plants and everyday functional items in exciting and unexpected ways. We work mainly with air plants as they do not need soil to grow and are therefore very hygienic and allergy friendly. We create various products to exhibit them, turning the plants into real green eye-catchers in both classic and modern interiors.”

Häli-Ann Tooms is a landscape architect who has wide experience with various types of plants and architectural projects for over 10 years. 

Venandi Design

The Venandi Design Pet Bowl was born out of love and respect for animals, nature and design. Venandi Design is a Finnish company whose goal is to create ecological products without compromising on practicality and beauty. The products are designed and manufactured in Finland.

Nomart: Modern & Timeless Design

Furniture, lighting, interior objects and rugs from Carl Hansen, Tom Dixon, Fredericia, Kartell, Fritz Hansen, MissoniHome, Swedese, IRE, Abstracta, HOWE, Gärsnäs, Lammhults, Andreu World.


Finnish BEdesign creates high-quality and practical design furniture and interior design products to bring joy to everyday life and important moments. The collection created by Bette and Cilla Eklund is inspired by Finnish architecture and the love for nature. BEdesign’s furniture is manufactured in Finland respecting the traditions of Finnish wood and metal work, and the siblings want to strengthen the position of Finnish design and know-how both in Finland and in the world.

Johanna Gullichsen

Johanna Gullichsen brings a wide world of woven fabrics to this day. Bold but clear patterning, natural materials and unpretentiousness together form an easily recognizable style. The collection includes fabrics, interior design products and accessories.

Since 1989, their design has been based on honest design and a modern interpretation of Scandinavian textile traditions.

“The sofa is the strategic center of a cozy atmosphere.”


The sofa is the strategic center of a cozy atmosphere.

The sofa should be comfortable, sensual and valuable, in keeping with the nature of the owner. It has to be right.

Softrend is an Estonian manufacturer of upholstered furniture that has been operating in the industry since 1997. All sofas and beds are handmade.


“Tired of seeing the same ideas, we founded a Finnish design company, Tonfisk Design, in 1999 to manufacture and market objects that are not just variations.” The product range includes tea & coffee mugs made of porcelain and wood, as well as interior decoration products. Porcelain is made in their own factory in Turku.


A tired housewife, with her three children, went to the carpentry workshop to order a table for herself, and noticed the big trash cans full of pieces of wood of different sizes. Pieces of wood were included and in December 2005 Mia Battilana founded Kotonadesign. Bulletin boards and magnets made in accordance with the principles of sustainable development are made by hand in the region of Southwest Finland. Bulletin boards and magnets are available in several sizes, colors and shapes. All Kotonadesign bulletin boards work with both chalk and magnets. Bulletin boards can also be ordered as custom-made work.

Verso Design

Verso Design is a family business that designs and manufactures distinctive and high-quality interior design products. Natural materials, the Nordic handicraft tradition, time-saving design and local production – these are Verso’s products!

The Finland Shop

The Finland Shop sells home decoration products and accessories made in Finland  by small Finnish companies. These products emphasize quality, durability and the beauty that comes from Finland’s nature. Every moment, someone somewhere comes up with something beautiful, something new – something Finnish.

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