How does BBC design their typefaces? Hear more at DDDD

Helsinki Design Week is arranging the sixth annual Data-Driven Design Day on Tuesday, 8 September 2020. Due to the unusual circumstances, the event will be held as a digital-first conference which can be attended from anywhere in the world.

The theme of the Data-Driven Design Day this year is Committed to Excellent Services for Everyone. The programme will provide novel perspectives on data-driven service design. Service design if anything provides a sweet conflict for competing interests between the utilization of qualitative data, interpretation and design intuition vs. rationalist, extremely evidence-based and quantitative data-obsessed thinking. The question is, what is the right mix?

The speakers are from prominent Finnish organizations such as the K Group, Fortum, Posti, YLE and HSL – and from the BBC. The audience will hear detailed insider stories of what it means to these organizations to design using data.

The online-first format means that there is a live stream of presentations on the Hopin platform. Hopin allows everyone to watch and stream with a web browser. Attendees can comment and have one-to-one discussions with each other. This gives the speakers and audience great flexibility to attend from where they are.

The topics and speakers 

Anna Salminen and Markus Tammi, Helen
What role has service design combined with data analytics played in the development projects leading to meet this goal? How are we working towards a more sustainable energy future in collaboration with our customers?

Clemens Westrup, Sanoma Media Finland
A grassroots approach to bringing user-centricity into the development workflow of data products.

Jenni Müller and Noora Piispanen, Yle
Fan Day is an example of how the Yle News Lab does user centric service design.

Juho Paasonen and Arnis Angelos, Posti
Posti has been around for 400 years, first as the nation’s governmental postal carrier, now as a postal and logistics service company. With digitalization and evolving customer expectations changing Posti’s market landscape, how can strategic service design and the adoption of radical data-drivenness help with the major transformation ahead?

Tarja Jääskeläinen and Eeva Jakobsson, HSL
Utilizing data and customer insight in service development. The cases discussed are city bikes and public transport planning.

Sakari Forslund, Fortum
A short introduction to the Fortum journey on analyzing customer contacts and customer feedback to improve customer experience and customer loyalty.

Hanna-Reetta Luukkainen, K Group
Your data belongs to you — a short story on how data was turned into insight that helps individuals to make better choices.

David Bailey, Gareth Ford-Williams and Bruno Maag, BBC
As the BBC transforms from a traditional broadcaster to an online content provider, it is ever more important for this organization to ensure that customers recognize who delivers the content, not only through the logo but also through its typography, from the typeface to the layout. Besides the emotional qualities that the BBC has to deliver through its typography, it also needs to address the functional challenges that its diverse audience presents, be that age groups, Welsh or Gaelic speakers besides English, or people with a range of cognitive or physiological impairments. The BBC’s typography has to be accessible to all without compromising its emotional appeal.

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