The interface of money

Money in its various forms has influenced our culture and behaviour – perhaps the functioning of our brains, too. Handling cash feels different from paying with a debit card: the electrical impulse in the brain is bigger compared to digital payment.

For most of us, money is an everyday companion or a daily headache, and it’s moving towards a more digital, intangible form brought on by mobile payments, bank applications and other new forms of paying. How are they designed? In principle, how does digital money differ from hard cash?

For some background, Fedja Kamari and Anni Korkman interview the lead designer of the Mobilepay application, Peter Gregersen, a Dane specialized in the design of a reliable digital experience. 

Siina Tamminen, Nordea.

At the studio, we hear from our guest experts, UX/UI Lead Siina Tanninen and Senior Service Designer Ville Immonen of Nordea. The bank application they designed was awarded for being the best digital service and the best user experience in the Grand One competition. In addition, the application received an honorary mention in the Best Mobile Service category.

Ville Immonen, Nordea.

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