Helsinki Design Weekly’s December: Daily news and updates from our local design community!

This eventful year of 2023 is soon coming to its end and we at Helsinki Design Weekly thought we could all use some tips and stories to get us into a festive mood. We are proud to present: the annual Helsinki Design Weekly Xmas Calendar – this year given to our community members to be used as an opportunity to promote their launches and news, events, gift tips and wishes!

Join us as we close this year, prepare for an inspiring turn of the year and plan new adventures for 2024.

24 December: Thank you!

The situation around the world has shown us that there is a greater need for community, solidarity, creativity and joy than perhaps ever before. We will continue to promote these in the future, and we hope to get you involved again next year.

The important dates next year are 15 June – 1 September, Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale, and 6 –15 September, Helsinki Design Week. In addition, we publish phenomena and news related to design and architecture every week; you can order Helsinki Design Weekly here.

More information about upcoming events will be sent, but now, it’s holiday time!

Have a peaceful Xmas and an inspiring New Year!
Warmest wishes from Luovi Productions

23 December: “I hope the world will come together.”

“I hope the world will come together.”
This was one of the wishes presented at the HDW Children’s Design Week workshop at the Cable Factory in September. Weekly’s team remembers those wonderful moments together and is excited to plan children’s design weeks in the coming years. However, each of us knows that the wish expressed in the workshop is again painfully relevant and many children are in need. This Xmas, our team is happy to support Unicef who reminds us that in all wars, children pay the highest price. Unicef is the world’s largest children’s organization that promotes children’s rights such as health, education and equality in more than 190 countries.

Thanks to the partners of HDW Children’s Design Week 2023: SuoMu, Hakola, Tactic, the City of Helsinki

22 December: Moko Xmas Market is open until 23 December!

Our friends and neighbours at Moko Market Punavuori are inviting everyone to their Xmas Market open until 23 December. At the Xmas Market, you can find delights and gifts for yourself and loved ones.

Along with the Xmas treasure hunt, you can also sit down for a breakfast, lunch or Saturday brunch.

Perämiehenkatu 10, 00150 Helsinki
Weekdays 8 am – 5 pm
Saturdays 10 am – 5 pm

24–26 December closed
27–29 December 10 am – 5 pm


21 December: Mark you calendars: the joint festival of architecture and design celebrates good design!

On 3 February, the flag will be raised again in Finland in honour of Alvar and Aino Aalto and Finnish architecture and design. The ArkMuoto festival celebrates the importance of architecture and design in our everyday life and celebrations.

Celebrated between 1–4 February 2024, the Architecture and Design days theme will be ‘In a good state’. The theme highlights the importance of architecture and design in building a prosperous society.

ArkMuoto’s programme includes diverse events around Finland, from exhibitions to film screenings and guided tours to workshops for the whole family. You still have time to register for your own event! The application form and more information can be found on ArkMuoto’s website:

The main event of this year’s festival will be held on 2 February in Vuosaari in Helsinki, in cooperation with Kulttuurikeskus Vuotalo. In the presentations and talks during the afternoon, we consider from different perspectives what the spaces that create well-being are like – from interiors to buildings and cities and all the way to the scale of the earth. This year, the focus is on locality, and children, young people and other city dwellers will also have a voice.

Follow ArkMuoto on social media and you will stay up to date on upcoming holidays! The full programme will be announced in January at

20 December: Imagine Everyday! Buy responsible Xmas gifts from Pertin Valinta and support independent artists!

Satu Nekala, Eläimet. Das-mass, plaster, acrylic paint. Image Pekka Elomaa

Imagine Everyday! The Outsider Art Finland sale exhibition is on display at Pertin Valinta Gallery until 22 December.
The Xmas Sales Exhibition gathers works from various artists. You can find crafts made presenting everyday joys and dreams as well as drawings, sound works, graphics, pottery, ceramics, paintings, posters and photographs. All proceeds support the employment of Outsider Art Finland artists.

The participating artists are: Maria Tani, Riina Noro, Milla Göös, Joannis Clementides, Kalevi Helvetti, Myrtillius Kauria, Maija Pilvikki Kimanen, Satu Nekala, Arsi Keva and Valtteri Kleemola.

Curators are: Pertin Valinta working group, Satu and Maria Tani, Silja Pasila, Pekka Elomaa and the students of Vocational Collage Luovi.

The exhibition is part of the production of the Outsider Art Finland internationalisation programme. In cooperation with the Autism Foundation Finland, NextGenerationEU and Grano Suomi.

Pertin Valinta Gallery, Hakaniemenkuja 2.
Wednesday – Friday 2 – 6 PM
Saturday 11 AM – 3 PM

19 December: Selka launched a new kind of conference table stand!

Selka, also known from Helsinki Design Week’s main exhibition, launched a new kind of conference table stand in the fall. The designer of the ROO table, Tuukka Nokkala, explains the starting points of the design: “We wanted to go for a different “springy” but round soft design language and at the same time we got the idea to bring the electrification of the conference table near the seat, at the end of the base structure. Thus, there is no need to break the surface of the table for electric shutters and disturbing wires do not wander along the table top. The surface of the table remains free, for example, for serving and other accessories or tools. The structure of the stand enables even large conference table solutions, and the customer can choose, as needed, what kind of plugs he chooses for the table.” Weekly loves all solutions that make those office meeting marathons more easy and stylish!

Further inquiries Selka

18 December: The eighth edition of Huiput Creative Festival will be on 21 May, 2024 at Clarion Hotel Helsinki!

Kuva: Jaakko Jylhä / DEED Creative

The eighth edition of Huiput Creative Festival will be on May 21, 2024 at Clarion Hotel Helsinki! Grafia’s own festival includes high-quality talks, networking with people and fun workshops. The theme of the event is COMMUNITY. Discounted earlybird tickets are on sale now – get yours while you still can! 

First speakers of the day have been published – the keynote speaker is Austrian designer Stefan Sagmeister. In addition we will hear from Eva Cremers, a 3D artist and animation director from the Netherlands. 

We are happy to join the festivities again – Helsinki Design Week is taking part in the festival programme with the greatly popular PechaKucha. The day is hosted by the lovely Jani Toivola. 

17 December: Weekly’s favourite Summer activity is visiting the Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale, taking place in the historical village of Fiskars

Combining most interesting Contemporary Art with the best of today’s Design and Architecture, the biennial has inspired us with Jasper Morrison’s Social Seating installation (2019), Being(s) With Exhibition curated by Ki Nurmenniemi (2019), the travelling international phenomena U-Joints: Knots&Knits (2022) as well as the super popular House by An Architect, series of tiny houses (2022). An integral part of the biennial is also the multidisciplinary Parallel Programme. Next year’s Main Exhibitions will be released very soon and the biennial opens in June. The event will once again be managed in loving collaboration with the Cooperative of Artists, Designers and Artisans Onoma. Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale and Helsinki Design Weekly are owned by Luovi Productions Oy. 

16 December: The application for Hanken School of Economics’ new Bachelor in Business programme opens on 3 January 2024

Top Finnish design from the 1950s, carefully thought-out lighting, colours and soft flooring for a friendly and cozy atmosphere, and beautiful windows bringing natural light and the city outside into the rooms. The Hanken School of Economics’ building in Helsinki was created by a dream team. This unique work of art can become your place of study. Hanken offers programs in English and Swedish.

The application for Hanken School of Economics’ new Bachelor in Business programme opens on 3 January 2024.

More information can be found here.

15 December: Welcome to Fashion Community Helsinki Xmas Sale!

Welcome to Fashion Community Helsinki Xmas Sale on 15–17 December at Pursimiehenkatu 16, Helsinki! The sale is a collaboration with jewellery designer Matilda Mannström, who has just unveiled her new atelier in Punavuori. Fashion Community Helsinki is delighted to share the workspace with her this weekend.

You will be treated with carefully selected pieces from Fashion Community Helsinki’s 16 designers’ past and new collections. The designers cherish local craftsmanship and employ ethical and organic production methods. Many items are handmade, and the designers are engaged in every step of the process, from design to execution.

Anna Semi, Anni Salonen, Christine Valtonen, Ellen Rajala, Florence, Hanne Jurmu, Helsingin Kalsaritehdas, Jarkko Karppinen, Juha Vehmaanperä, Linda Kokkonen, Magnus Seelish, Matilda Mannström, Senni Mellin, Sini Saavala, Taru Nieminen, Tiina Palm.

Mannström will have a special offer for just this weekend on the Milady Pendant (149 e, normally 175 e) from the new Souvenir d’Océan collection. See you there!

Opening hours:
Friday 4 – 8 pm
Saturday 11 am – 5 pm
Sunday 12 am – 4 pm

14 December: Artek: ”Take your pleasure seriously”
Charles ja Ray Eames

This year, when preparing the store’s Christmas, Artek Helsinki was inspired by the lifestyle and hospitality of designer couple Charles and Ray Eames. There was something tickling in Ray’s and Charles’ thoughts: the preparations before the party night, such as choosing the gifts, setting the table beautifully, tucking into the guest’s bed while secretly humming, can be just as enjoyable as being together with the guests. At Artek’s store, you can find timeless Christmas gifts for your loved ones, as well as essential and beautiful things for your own home. Head to Keskuskatu 1B! Open on Monday to Saturday, 10 AM to 6 PM.

13 December: Nikari & Woodnotes

During the holidays we have a possibility to slow down and remember how the most precious things can be found close by. This is the season for idleness – and being grateful for the beautiful, fleeting moments. It is during these days we sum up the lessons and moments of happiness of the past year, until we can begin to move towards the new.

Nikari & Woodnotes wishes everyone peace and warmth for the holiday season. As a gift to nature, this year Nikari & Woodnotes promises to protect and preserve some more old-growth forests.

12 December: Koivu Jumper

We must admit that Koivu Jumper is our team’s semi-official uniform and most loved jumper. And we are not alone: Recently described by Wallpaper as “an in-the-know label loved by design-world denizens seeking the perfect sweater”, it captures the spirit of everyday wear that is as contemporary today as it will be in the future–and across generations. Crafted from 100% extra-fine merino yarn in a compact lock stitch, the satisfyingly weighty jumpers are cut with a loose, straight fit for both men and women. You might recognize the jumper from one of the most loved items of HDW Design Market at the Cable Factory last year and the founder of the brand, Anniina Koivu as the Curator of the U-Joints project, which was one the main exhibitions of Fiskars Village Art and Design Biennale. “The story of the Koivu jumper is as straightforward as the object itself”, explains Anniina Koivu, who launched the brand in 2021. “Conceived as a product rather than a fashion item, the jumper is simply a very good jumper. Designed for every-day use, it is meant to fit every wearer and occasion.” This jumper is not just for Xmas!

All jumpers can now be found in the online store at, including the limited edition of embroidered versions by Pierre Charpin.

11 December: Studio Siru’s Art Collection “Second Chance” is now available online!

Joyful announcement!

Studio Siru’s Art Collection “Second Chance” is now available online! 

The collection “Second Chance” challenges you to reimagine the pieces of your life together in a new, unexpected way. By changing the perspective, a deeper approach can turn something old into something more bright, fun and worth loving again. The collection radiates optimism and confidence; positive change is possible, sometimes we just have to give it a second chance.

With a strong imagination, each piece is unique and thoughtfully hand-formed from existing materials. We all deserve a second chance.

Visit to enjoy all the new art pieces.

Studio Siru, Tehtaankatu 25, 00150 Helsinki. Open before Xmas on Thursdays 4-7pm or by appointment.

10 December: Humak University of Applied Sciences’ registration for the Sustainable and Profitable training programme is on until 2 January

Hello creative industries solo entrepreneur! The world is constantly changing at an accelerating pace. Uncertainty and unpredictability have become part of the current normalcy, making adaptability a new essential skill. All this requires a different attitude towards developing one’s own expertise.

Humak University of Applied Sciences’ creative industry business service, Creve, is currently running the extensive Volume! programme for solo entrepreneurs in 2023–2024, specifically targeting the textile, fashion, and visual design sectors, both in Finnish and English. A total of 120 solo entrepreneurs have already joined. Registration is open until 31 October 2024.

Something inspiring happening this spring too: 

Registration for the Sustainable and Profitable (“Kestävää ja kannattavaa”) training programme is on until 2 January. The training is free of charge for Volume participants. Find the full story here.

Humak’s business and entrepreneurship expert Leena Janhila shared her thoughts with Helsinki Design Weekly. “Entrepreneurial competence expands with international readiness, sustainability and responsibility skills as well as with new technology. It is clear that keeping up with the change requires constantly updated skills. Whoever has the know-how carries a real gem,” Janhila describes the change. “By renewing skills, the business of entrepreneurs in creative fields is also strengthened. A balanced business is sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship”.

Read more and sign up here.

9 December: Design District Helsinki’s Christmas Market at Design Museum 10 December

Sure we love a market but there is a special place in our hearts for DESIGN & XMAS MARKETS! Make sure not to miss Design District Helsinki’s Christmas Market at Design Museum 10 December from 11am to 5pm. By shopping at Design District Market you are giving your support to local creative entrepreneurs. Come and discover local design, fashion, jewelry and other wonderful surprises!

Design District Helsinki vendors:
Amos Rex, Hotelli Torni, Kajavo, Karhu, Kuviokioski, Little Teddy Shop, Matti Pikkujämsä, Sagalaga Design, U26. 

Free entry.

More about Design District Helsinki here.

8 December: UDUMBARA pottery studio

Have you already visited the wonderful UDUMBARA pottery studio in the heart of Kallio? Now it’s your chance: UDUMBARA is taking part in the Ornamo Design Christmas event 9–10 December. Founded in 1994, UDUMBARA is a pottery that makes planter pots and lamps, using only local Kultela wild clay, which gives the products a deep and earthy character. 

Whether you want to do some shopping, inquire about their pottery wheel workshops, or visit the studio, the doors are open from 11 AM to 3 PM.

Step into the creative space and say hello. Welcome! 

Address: Kaarlenkatu 15.

You can easily reach the place by tram 1, 3, 8 and 9.

7 December: Ornamo Design Joulu (Xmas) x Designkaverit brings together the most delightful designers and brands on 9–10 December!

Ornamo Design Joulu (Xmas) x Designkaverit brings together the most delightful designers and brands of Finnish design at Pikku-Finlandia (Karamzininranta 4) on 9–10 December (open on Saturday 12-6pm and Sunday 11am-5pm, free entry).

In addition to the local designers’ market area, the 2023 Design Xmas event will feature engaging workshops and second-hand items. Visitors can enjoy Xmas treats and take a break while shopping at the cozy Finlandia Cafe&Wine.

2023 Design Joulu is produced by the messenger of Finnish design, Designkaverit.

6 December: Helsinki Design Weekly celebrates Finland’s independence together with Pelago!

An independent Finland is so important to us all; our nature, people and culture. It is important to appreciate what we have and take care of it. Let’s travel together towards a positive, peace-building future. Let’s keep the flag high wherever we go.

Finnish Pelago Bicycles makes bikes and cycling products for the needs of a sustainable lifestyle.

To celebrate Finland’s independence, Pelago offers a 125€ discount for normal price bike orders with code “Independent_Finland_125”. The code is good till December 24th. Let’s raise the flag and keep it high on our journeys wherever we go.

Visit Pelago’s webshop here.

5 December: Nomen Nescio Special Sale for Weekly’s friends!

Make sure not to miss this: -20% discount on Nomen Nescio Softwear collection – only for you! The secret code is “HDW20”.

The Softwear Collection includes the coziest, softest, and most comfortable pieces from the Nomen Nescio collection. These are the items you’d want to wrap around yourself on colder days. The pieces are made of high-quality, easy-to-care-for wool and wool blends. Suitable for home, office, holidays, and days out in town. Also, perfect as a gift for yourself or your loved ones.

As part of Helsinki Design Weekly Christmas Calendar, they offer a -20% discount on the entire Softwear collection. The offer is valid until Sunday, 10 December, online (use code “HDW20”) and in the Mikonkatu (Mikonkatu 2, Helsinki) store by mentioning the Weekly calendar.

4 December: Arkken x Joulupuu Campaign

Our friends at Arkken are taking part in the Joulupuu Campaign. Which means that this week, Arkken’s kitchen store (Fredrikinkatu 20) will be full of warmth and the joy of giving. Mulled wine and Xmas treats are available between 4–8 December!
You are welcome to get to know the wonderful kitchen and furniture sets. You are also encouraged to bring a Xmas present to underprivileged children. Arkken will deliver them in cooperation with Joulupuu ry.
Arkken’s kitchen is a combination of the customer’s wishes, eye-pleasing aesthetics, insightful everyday usability and functional togetherness. Timeless design and high-quality materials combined with domestic carpentry create kitchens that stand the test of time, meet even the most demanding needs and change with life’s situation. Find out more here.

Opening hours:
Mon: 10 am – 5 pm
Tue: 10 am – 3 pm
Wed: closed
Thu-Fri: 10 am – 5 pm.

See you over a cup of glögi!

3 December: Late Night Tuesday at Design District on 5 December!

Enjoy our atmospheric city and take a Tuesday evening tour at Design District. Several shops are offering discounts, sample sales and other treats. By shopping at brick and mortar stores you are giving your support to local entrepreneurs and keeping this vibrant part of Helsinki’s urban culture alive. Easy to access Late Night walk is available at

The following shops and businesses are open later than usual, until 8pm:
Punavuori: asuna, Bang & Olufsen, Finarte, Liike, Nide kirjakauppa, Kuviokioski & Kajavo, Raaka Rå, Ekta Helsinki @ Urban A, Jatuli, Little Teddy Shop.
Erottaja – Ullanlinna: Aarnio Originals, Arkkitehtuurimuseo, Designmuseo, Falla Finland -shop, Helena Orava Design Projects, Helsinki Interiors, Johanna Gullichsen, Knitworks, momono, Nest Factory.
Kamppi: American Bar / Solo Sokos Hotel Torni.
Katajanokka: Reetta Hiltunen.

2 December: Vyner Articles pop-up

Don’t miss Vyner Xmas Pop-Up Sales event at Jackie Bar on 16 December 2-6pm. Jackie Bar, Iso Roobertinkatu 21. Special winter deals also available at
‘Artworkwear, everyday workwear for the creative ones.’

Founded in 2017 in East London, the Finnish clothing brand Vyner Articles stands for everyday workwear to be lived in. With a focus on seasonless design, strong and witty prints, Vyner Articles brings together a community of creatives with various backgrounds. 

Using organic cotton as the main material, the relaxed pieces are designed to the detail from handcrafted patching to garment dye finishing. The ethos is to create a wardrobe to love throughout a lifetime. Work your way through to their cosy Studio-Store on Kasarmikatu – and discover unique samples, seconds and one-off items. 

1 December: Moomin flaship store is finally open!

One of the most exciting days of the year – the 1st of December! Our first post’s friends need no introductions: it’s the Moomins! Helsinkians will be happy to hear that the new Moomin flagship store has FINALLY opened its doors! Just in time for Xmas! Located in the iconic Svenska Teatern building in Helsinki’s Esplanade, the new shop is not only home to the world’s largest assortment of Moomin products but also a literary adventure inspired by Tove Jansson’s Moominsummer Madness (1954). Step into a space inspired by the colours, adventure and magic of Moominsummer Madness. The store’s design, decor and vast product assortment transport visitors to the Moomin universe. Explore also the gorgeous Moomin Arabia textiles designed for everyone with a soft spot for the Moomins, or find a new Moomin mug to give you joy in your Christmas Mooments of Magic. Read more about the new shop here.

You can follow the advent calendar at social media channels too, simply follow us at @helsinkidesignweek.