Design Market application

The Design Market will be held in the Cable Factory in Helsinki and in online stores on 2–4 September 2022. You can apply to both!

The Design Market is the largest warehouse sales event in the Nordic countries, which traditionally starts the Helsinki Design Week festival.

Design Market Cable Factory: The purpose is to empty the warehouses and make room for new stock. The Design Market is a curated event whose sales booths are very popular. The selections favour companies that bring suitable products to the event: products from previous seasons, prototypes or second-rate items.

Design Market Online: Where the Cable Factory visitor can expect top discoveries in the products of prototypes and previous seasons, the online implementation is primarily intended for the presentation and sale of new products.

Helsinki Design Week focuses on curating

Helsinki Design Week encourages all of its actors to act in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, and the Design Market is primarily intended for design companies whose products are of high quality and manufactured in accordance with responsible operating principles. We also hope that the design and manufacturing activities of the applicants will be transparent and that the origin of the products (including the materials) will be clarified.

The application period for sellers is open until 31 May 2022. Apply by filling out the form below.