Hvitträsk: Art matinees

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When Sat 09.09.2023 Thu 14.09.2023 Sat 16.09.2023
Where Hvitträsk, Hvitträskintie 166, 02440 LUOMA, 02440, Kirkkonummi
Accessible No
Language Finnish / English
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Helsinki Design Week will be visiting Hvitträsk for three September afternoons this year. The art evenings at Hvitträsk provide an opportunity to delve into the world of art, hear interesting discussions and stories about artists, architects, and cultural history. As part of the art evening, you will also have the chance to explore the Studio Life exhibition showcasing contemporary ceramics by the Arabian Art Department Association, the Hvitträsk architect home, and the museum’s beautiful surroundings.

Art Evening on September 9th at 3:00 PM: Timeline 150 years

In the Timeline 150 Years discussion event, we will get to know two individuals celebrating their 150th anniversary this year: the former resident of Hvitträsk, the star architect Eliel Saarinen, and the captivating stories of Arabia.

The panelists include Elise Simonsson, who explores Arabian history, Professor Heikki Orvola, and ceramic artist Heini Riitahuhta from the Arabian Art Department Association, former museum curator of Hvitträsk Pepita Ehrnrooth-Jokinen, Eliel Saarinen’s relatives, and residents of the Luoma village.

During the evening, the Arabia Art Department Association’s designed Juhlat series for Arabia will also be presented, as well as the Villa Box by ceramic artist and designer Heini Riitahuhda.

TICKETS. Please note that there is a limited number of tickets available for the event. Entry is also possible with a Museum Card. The event will be recorded.

Art Evening on September 14th at 5:00 PM: Ceramic Artworks as Part of Public Architecture

What is the role of ceramic artworks in public architecture? Come and listen to a partially English-language panel discussion with two internationally renowned New York gallerists, Juliet Burrows from Hostler Burrows, and Kim Hostler from HB381 Gallery.

Also participating in the discussion are architect Samuli Miettinen from JKMM Architects, responsible for the expansion of the National Museum, and designers and sculptors Pekka Paikkari and Sakari Kannosto from the Arabian Art Department Association. The discussion will be moderated by non-fiction author and interior architect Maaretta Tukiainen.

TICKETS. Please note that there is a limited number of tickets available for the event. Entry is also possible with a Museum Card.

Evening on September 16th at 3:00 PM: Loja Saarinen’s The Festival of the May Queen Textile Artwork

Come and learn about the history of Loja Saarinen‘s magnificent textile artwork, The Festival of the May Queen, and the reproduced partial copy of it that was donated.

During the event, Ann Jonasson, the villager who wove the partial copy, and former chairman of the Luoma Village Association Stefan Winqvist will talk about the history and significance of the artwork. You will also have the opportunity to explore the partial copy itself and its execution.

Additionally, Johan Åkerlund, the host of Fasan Estate, will present letters sent by Loja Saarinen to Åkerlund’s grandparents, in which she discusses her donation and its journey to Luoma. Teresia Kajanti, the principal of Luoma School, will talk about the collaboration between the school and the museum and how the artwork has impacted the students and their creativity.

During the event, you will also see the interior cushion created by the Luoma Village Association, inspired by the artwork, and available for purchase at Hvitträsk.

TICKETS. Please note that there is a limited number of tickets available for the event. Entry is also possible with a Museum Card.

Program changes are possible.