As a part of the City of Helsinki’s Culture Path, Helsinki Design Week invites everyone to do their own PechaKucha!

Welcome to host your own PechaKucha!

PechaKucha is a performance concept developed by Japanese architects, where each performer is allowed to display 20 images. Each image is displayed for 20 seconds. Thus, each presentation lasts exactly 6 minutes and forty seconds. Even though those rules are never broken, the content is always completely free, and the subject is completely unrestricted. This simple way of sharing thoughts and inspiration has made PechaKucha one of the most popular events in the world. Today, PechaKucha evenings are held in over 1200 cities. PechaKucha is one of the most popular main events at Helsinki Design Week, and we have been organizing these surprising evenings for almost twenty years.

Helsinki Design Week’s Culture Path content for fifth-graders (and others) is PechaKucha, because we believe that schoolchildren have a lot to say.

When students organize their own PechaKucha performances with their teachers, it is an idea that can as needed be implemented well remotely, that is guaranteed visibility from the festival producers, and that does not require a large budget to carry out. Perhaps even the teachers will get excited about PechaKucha as well. Or perhaps parents will organize their own PechaKucha in the living room! A lot can be said through twenty pictures. Our hope is that with this concept, the overall interaction, discussion and enthusiasm for things that are important to you will increase. We’ve developed a toolkit for schools in collaboration with Suomu, the Finnish Association of Design Learning. Everything you might need can be found on this page.

A PechaKucha presentation can be made through the use of design. The planning of the presentation follows four steps: you can explore, invent, experiment and finally tell. On this page you’ll find instructions and ideas on making a presentation. With these guidelines, pupils can come up with a topic, develop the content and choose the best possible photos.
First, the speech will be practiced with a friend, and after that a big, great PechaKucha event can be arranged with one’s own class or an event with the entire school!

A PechaKucha presentation includes 20 images, and each is visible for 20 seconds. This makes every presentation last 6 minutes and 40 seconds. There is no text at all on the presentation slides, as the focus is on the speaker, who narrates the story based on the images.

Teachers can use this presentation below.

Presentation Download

For anyone planning a PechaKucha presentation, we recommend having a look at these two posters. Questions poster will help you when planning the presentation. With 20 speech bubbles, you can plan what you will say during your PechaKucha presentation.

Questions poster Download

Speech bubbles poster Download

You can download the PechaKucha presentation. Please make sure the timing is set to present every presentation slide for exactly 20 seconds each. 

PowerPoint presentation Download

Keynote presentation Download

Helsinki Design Week is constantly collecting feedback and developing its’ operations. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please send a message to

Helsinki Design Week is the largest design festival in the Nordic countries and is organized annually in September. We present design at large and also produce content related to urban culture, fashion and architecture. Helsinki Design Weekly is the leading Finnish Design Media. PechaKucha is a licensed format. In Helsinki, the events are organized by Helsinki Design Week organizer Luovi Productions. More support on organizing a PechaKucha can be found here.