Stella and Kosmo Strömman: Design influencer’s kids share their tips for HDW

Kosmo Strömman, 8, and Stella Strömman, 10, kids of two designers, know what design is.

Kosmo Strömman, 8, and Stella Strömman, 10, kids of two designers, know what design is.

“For example, my phone is design, it means someone has designed it,” explains Stella.
Stella wished for Harry Potter-themed events. “I would like a workshop where one could design their own magic wand,” she muses. Kosmo would appreciate a workshop where he could test a Star Wars spaceship, with the help of a computer program. “If I could organize my own workshop it would be about cars. People could see different cars. Or I might do a candy museum that would showcase different old sweet brands!” says Kosmo.

These are the events where Kosmo and Stella would like to pay a visit this year.

Helsinki XR Center

The center opens its doors to introduce a world of virtual reality and augmented reality for visitors. Visitors can experience a wide variety of XR demos and solutions in the brand new showroom!
Stella: YES YES YES! Roni Back has also tried these!
Kosmo: Yeah, I would love to test this too!
5.9. at 14–17
Hämeentie 135A 4th floor

Street Culture Day

Mimmit art society will hold design workshops, an exhibition and lead a street art tour. Arja Tiili Dance Company’s Break the Fight! group will breakdance in the yard. You can also take part in an outdoor film viewing. Vuosaari House’s facade features the work Strange Fruits by Andy Best and Merja Puustinen, which is part of the larger event Sculpture Expanded. Rapper Aste will end the day in style with his performance in Vuosali.
Kosmo: It is not just one thing, but many activities you can do at the same event.
7.9. at 16–22.30
Vuotalo, Mosaiikkitori 2, Helsinki

Colour Lab

At the experiential lab kids can study colours using real test tubes and pipettes. As lab workers, they’ll wear lab coats and record research results on documents with appropriate note-taking equipment.
Stella: I might go to this. It sounds nice.
15.9. at 10–16
Annantalo, Annankatu 30

The Habi Kids

The area explores the culture of Helsinki in the form of a game that is based on Monopoly. The player may forget their hat on Liisankatu, go to jail or even take a nap on Bulevardi.
Stella: IF someone ends up in jail, then I am interested.
Kosmo: Sounds cool.
Stella: Although I would have hoped to end up in a real prison.
10–18, Messuaukio 1

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