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When Fri 13.09.2024 Sat 14.09.2024
Where Liisankatu 19 b 8 a, 00170, Helsinki
Accessible No

There is no special entrance for people with disabilities

Language English

“Body Design” at Helsinki Design Week explores the concept of body design, highlighting its significance as a form of personal expression and identity. Body design encompasses the art of tattooing, where individuals use their bodies as canvases to convey stories, beliefs, and emotions. Unlike other forms of design, body design is intimately connected to the individual, shaping their sense of self and leaving a lasting impression. It’s a transformative process that allows people to reclaim agency over their bodies and embrace their true selves through art.
In the program of the “Body Design” we will present short films about the tattoo influence, have tattoo performance involving participants of the event and have some art workshops/open doors.