Pikku kukka -Tufting art exhibition by Emi Viitanen-

When Fri 06.09.2024 - Sat 28.09.2024
Time Mon closed
Tue 17-21
Wed 11-15 17-21
Thu 11-15 17-21
Fri 11-15 17-22
Sat 12-15 17-22
Sun closed
Where Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 23, at Hotel Helka, ravintola Murasaki, 00100, HELSINKI
Accessible Yes
Language English

Please enjoy the beauty of Japan with Japanese food at Murasaki.

An exhibition of tufting works by Emi Viitanen, a Japanese designer living in Finland.
¨When I lived in Japan, foreign designs, especially Finnish fabrics and pottery, always looked beautiful. ¨ She says.
But last year, 10 years after she moved to Finland, she had the opportunity to travel and experience the beauty of Japan once again. This work was completed with memories of daily life in Japan, such as the wild flowers blooming on the roadside that she saw when she was a child.

Opening party on 8th of September at 15:00-.
You're welcome to visit!