Go Green or Go Extinct! Exploring our Planet’s Past, Present, and Future through Textiles, Including Stories, Movement, Texture, Sound, and Designing 7 Dinosaurs

WorkshopExhibitionChildren’s eventOpen placeUrban planningDesign thinkingDesign educationNew materialsInteriorFashion
When Fri 06.09.2024 - Mon 09.09.2024 Thu 01.01.1970
Where Siltavuorenpenger 5 A (Kasvun Tila and Galleria Kasvihuone), 00014, Helsinki
Accessible Yes

We will have small groups working, and everyday visitors to the Design Week can choose to stop by and interact with the Public Educational Experiential space and the group working, during their process. We will be adding graphics that speak about the event in an artful manner, and create flyers available for the visiting public.

Language English
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We explore what stories we choose to tell and how can textiles become gentle artful translators.
Our challenge: How would dino soft sculptures move and what would they say if we give them a voice? Sewing is a continuous battle that never stops but offers rewards in the end. The art doing of sewing is the art of resilience, of coolness or“Sisu”.
In a world of climate change and shifting baseline, we work with tactile materials representing fraying elements of our worlds. Through fabric, we tell past stories, which otherwise might be lost or frozen. Our conscious experimentation will translate into meaningful fabric compositions that allow the exploration of “old problems” with fresh eyes.
Participants will design a series of story-based textile pieces, layering upcycled materials and embroidery, going beyond the surface of “habitual doing and thinking”. The resultant, meaningful soft sculpture installation will involve collective sewing, drawing, mindfulness, and movement.