Weekly’s festival tips for design professionals

Helsinki Design Week (8–17 September 2023) presents a versatile and inspiring programme for creative professionals from different fields. Helsinki Design Weekly suggests you to check at least these!

Seminars about legal design and the use of colours

ICfin Color Webinar
13 –15 September. Registration deadline 11 September.

The ICfin Color Webinar offers an in-depth look at the backgrounds of color themes accompanied by several images and keywords.

More details and registration form can be found here.

Art of Public Space, talks event
14 September. Free entry, no pre-registration.

As cities change through densification and new urbanism, new possibilities are emerging to co-create our cities and use design and art as a catalyst for more play, fun and wellbeing. Parkly invites urbanists, designers, artists and city lovers to join the event!

More details can be found here.

Best practices in city design
8 September. Free entry, no pre-registration.

City design brings design thinking to the heart of city development and offers new ways to create people-centered cities. By utilising design methods, we can develop cities together with citizens, without forgetting other actors in the urban ecosystem. At the event, the organisers present different competencies in the field of city design and share experiences from various successes and experiments.

More details can be found here.

Legal Design Summit
11–15 September. (Sold out)

Established in 2016, the Legal Design Summit is the world’s largest event focused on legal design, which brings together designers, producers of legal services and other interested parties from around the world (about 50 countries).

More details can be found here.

Parties, launches and surprising encounters

Bar Bastone at Poiat Showroomilla 
13 September. Free entry, no pre-registration.

Poiat showroom will transform into a sensory space where new products and art converge in perfect harmony. At ”Bar Bastone,” Poiat is proud to unveil a range of new products inspired by the world of cocktails and bars, adding to our already iconic Bastone family. These luxurious pieces of furniture are sure to captivate the attention of connoisseurs who appreciate fine beverages. Additionally, Poiat showroom will feature a curated selection of artwork.

More details can be found here.

ALA Architects – Practice Book Launch
14 September. Free entry, no pre-registration.

”ALA Architects – Practice” book is being published at the Maijansali hall at Oodi Library. The event will consist of a book presentation, an interview with the ALA principals, and an open discussion session. 

More details can be found here.

Molteni showroom open all week
8–17 September

Molteni&C inaugurates its first Flagship Store in Finland, demonstrating the group’s continual expansion on the contemporary design scene. 

More details can be found here.

Art Goes Showrooms
13 September & 14 September

Art Goes Showroom is a series of interdisciplinary performances that highlight the best of both Art Goes Kapakka and Helsinki Design Week. This event series will let you enjoy live music in nice showrooms presenting their newest products and beloved classics. Pre-registrations begin on week 35.

More details can be found here.